We Made It To Japan!


We made it to Japan!
Now to find where to sleep tonight. Cause it’s 2pm and sleep was intermittent during the 12 hour flight.

Intentionally traveling without room bookings and a desire to camp as much as possible as it is generally accepted to do so in Japan’s parks. So we will decide where we want to look homeless tonight. Luckily Japan is a fairly safe place to travel, so hopefully we are not taken unawares and instead find ourselves with flush with funds to spend on experiences rather than comfort.

We did both put out for a 21 Day JR Rail Pass that allows us unlimited rides on many lines running throughout the country, so I imagine some days we will book the longest train ride we can find, fall asleep, and awake in a new place – killing two birds with one stone – sleep and distance.

I’ve been fucking with my sleep pattern the last few days to make jet lag less of a drag. It will just feel normal being tired and wanting to intersperse my day with naps that feel like sleepwalking because I feel too much my presence during, than my refreshment after, a nap.

Must block out all light and sound — Jen naps on the flight

Inflight Viewing

10 Cloverfield Lane was so good – suspense, mystery, John Goodman.

The Lobster – very weird. The main character has to find a partner while staying at a hotel or he will be turned into an animal. He may choose the type of small, which is quite generous, as he will then have a second chance at finding a partner – although that partner will have to be the same animal as him if they are to live together… He chooses to be a lobster because they can live to be over 100 years old and they get to swim in the ocean.

The Danish Girl – didn’t know he actually undergoes a sequel change surgery. Eddie Redmayne is quite fun to watch in this, although it would be nice to see him not squint, bat his eyelashes, and smile every time he is engaged.

Zoolander 2 – I saw no point to continue watching

A Bigger Splash – dreamy, sneaky

IP Man 3 – classic, kung fu movie, but sure is Mr. IP and his school a pleasant, polite, and controlled bunch of men, even when they are kicking ass.

What I Ate on the Plane

Drank a can of tomato juice, seltzer, and a decaf coffee with a drop of milk.

Vegan meals – specially requested by Sandy! Yay! Indian curry and rice for dinner, a spinach and lentil breakfast wrap, and lots of pre-packaged vegan chocolate chip cookies.

The Vegan Meal on our United Airlines flight

I did not eat a ton of what they offered as I am going the way of Eco Atkins while I travel – no majorly carby food (no flat out grains, breads, anything with sugar, including fruit) but vegetarian. Luckily we recently had found about a pound of shredded cabbage and carrots in the trash – sealed and fresh – so I ate this, 4 veggie burgers, and some low-carb, high fiber, net 6 carbs each tortilla wraps.

Sandy kept his tray down the whole flight, so we could rest our food and cups, and trade the chickpeas from his Indian vegan meal for my Jasmine rice.
What sacrifice! He takes good care of me.

I have 5 protein bars in my bag, but I’m hoping I don’t touch them.
“Why don’t you throw them out, so you don’t eat them?” I imagine my grandmother’s chortling voice.

They are the lesser evil to the green tea soft serve and the many types of pan (bread – pastry) that will call me like sirens to their sugary, crusty cliffs and throw me into waves of golden dough.

I’ve turned 30 – the point of no return in terms of staying svelte with little effort, and I refuse to become fat and old. One I can deal with, but not both! I have not committed to botox – to squinting my eyes as tears well up in the corners as the needles prick, prick, prick across my forehead filling in the collagen gaps. Routine botox cannot be any worse than receiving tattoos annually, I reason to myself. It is lack of money that prevents me from visiting some posh clinic on the UES to sit among the Park Avenue mom’s, waiting my turn to see the doctor with the needle. I don’t know enough about anti-wrinkle cream and its effects to start using it. Is it vanity or knowing that looks allows one more choice? It’s only rarely a competition with another.

Listened to NPR’s All Songs Considered 16 Number One Songs From Our First 16 Years. One of the podcast curators talked about how he spent his first paycheck from his job there on a stereo, put on a Bjork record, and let the music surround him. I’ve never thought about getting a sound system, but it does sound nice to listen to music in away that is encompassing. I imagine doing so in a windowless, at the center of one’s home, rooms on either side, but shelves set up with cds of records – sepia toned, and I see that I’m envisioning John Cusack’s room in High Fidelity.