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Banana Diet


WHY ARE YOU ON A BANANA DIET?! That sounds… bananas!

Technically, I am on Raw Till 4.

Why Raw Till 4?

Because Shakeology and all those other diets prescribed by companies are mostly looking to make a profit. They are effective, but I just don’t like the idea of purchasing their products every week. I want something easy, sustainable, unprocessed, and un-manufactured.

Benefits of Raw Till 4
  • High energy – unlike low-carb diets that have left me feeling sluggish, bananas are a well known source of energy, so you are able to complete workouts as per the usual.
  • Eat as much as you like – bananas are surprisingly satisfying and filling, despite their one note nutrients and chemistry. I crave eating some lentil soup or mixing the bananas up into a smoothie, but supplementing these items is enough for me to  not feel a lack.
  • Cheap – 5 bananas is about $1.  Eat 20 a day for $4 or 30 for $6. Throw in some protein powder, soy milk, and vitamins, and it can be a lot long term sustainable and healthy.
  • Low waste – especially if you can escape the unnecessary practice of bananas wrapped in plastic, as the skins can be composted.

Protein and soy milk containers can be recycled

 How Do you Do Raw Till 4?

FAQ From Banana Girl herself, Freelee

  • Cleanse my pallet
  • Simplify my food choices
  • Do something outrageous to my body
  • Shed a couple of sedentary pounds that slip on when I deviate from my more active days of 8 mile runs and 10 mile bike rides
  • Feel good
  • Unfaithful to the idea