Banana Diet



WHY ARE YOU ON A BANANA DIET?! That sounds… bananas!

Technically, I am on Raw Till 4

Why Raw Till 4?

Because Shakeology and all those other diets prescribed by companies are mostly looking to make a profit. They are effective, but I just don’t like the idea of purchasing their products every week. I want something easy, sustainable, unprocessed, and un-manufactured.

Benefits of Raw Till 4

  • High energy – unlike low-carb diets that have left me feeling sluggish, bananas are a well known source of energy, so you are able to complete workouts as per the usual.
  • Eat as much as you like – bananas are surprisingly satisfying and filling, despite their one note nutrients and chemistry. I crave eating some lentil soup or mixing the bananas up into a smoothie, but supplementing these items is enough for me to  not feel a lack.
  • Cheap – 5 bananas is about $1.  Eat 20 a day for $4 or 30 for $6. Throw in some protein powder, soy milk, and vitamins, and it can be a lot long term sustainable and healthy.
  • Low waste – especially if you can escape the unnecessary practice of bananas wrapped in plastic, as the skins can be composted.

Protein and soy milk containers can be recycled[/vc_column_text]


 How Do you Do Raw Till 4?

FAQ From Banana Girl herself, Freelee



Cleanse my pallet.

Simplify my food choices

Do something outrageous to my body

Shed a couple of sedentary pounds that slip on when I deviate from my more active days of 8 mile runs and 10 mile bike rides

Feel good

Unfaithful to the idea


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