Happy New Year… New Job, New Lifestyle!

by Jennifer


Olive Boo, my favorite black cat.

Olive Boo, my favorite black cat.

This girl is hitting the road – 1/26 – 5/22 – to work as a Tour Operator for the 10 Billion Lives Campaign.

I’ll be heading across the country, setting up viewing kiosks all around California and the Southwest, to show viewers the terrible conditions that farm animals – cagefree and free range alike – suffer in order to make it onto the plate.

You can make a change. We can make a change. Check out the link below to learn more.


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  • Mao


    Just found out about your blog! Really cool and I love what you guys are doing!

    • Jennifer Liepin

      Hey there. Love that you have just ventured outside of blogging into vlogging as well! That’s something I’ve thought of doing, and then I ran out of time. 🙁

      Keep it up. so impressed!

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