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Best Shape in Years on my Raw Till 4 Diet


I’ve never felt better since switching from a low carb to a high carb Raw Till 4. When I run, I run full of energy. When I run, the energy flows through my body, and where in the past I may be hungry after 3 miles of running, on my current high carb diet I feel evenly sustained throughout my run.

Froyo composed of frozen bananas and soy milk, blended

I’m hungry sometimes. I miss eating sugary, fatty foods, like cookies or brownies – more importantly, froyo covered in oreos or brownies; however, I get plenty of sweets in the morning and carby starches in the evenings noshing on potatoes and rice.

Froyo, courtesy of a couple frozen bananas blended with a 1/2 cup of soy milk, is delicious and sometimes more filling when blended with some soy protein powder, and an adequate substitute. However, when you eat it all the time, it sometimes gets to feel more ordinary than it should.

Hudson Yards being built up near the West Side Highway

Regardless, I have my runs, and I have my future of blue skies and warmers days ahead of me as I head to California in a few days. NYC may never completely chill over with climate change, but if it does I’ll be dodging a complete ice-over of my days that would prohibit me from running.