“The 2-second daily diary.”

Emojiary is this really promising sounding app, that as far as 2014, existed – but no longer does!  The site exists, but doesn’t work anymore. Reviews and tech articles exist surrounding the app, but it Emojiary is a ghost – an app with so much potential, that I would like to use, that no longer does!

With Emojiary, each day, you could write a simple log of how you feel:


I imagine the diary above goes as such:

  • Thursday – sleepy and not getting out of bed
  • Wednesday – blindfolded and surprised with a gift of a beautiful new dress. I’m in love!
  • Woke up cranky. Had eggs. Wrote a bit. Was peaceful. I took a trip into the city and watched a sunset before getting drinks with friends. Successful day!
  • And so on…

Not limited to a rote standard few options, as you could choose from random Emojis, such as  “turtle shell” and “Green Juice Cleanse” to describe your day.

Choose an emoji to describe how you feel.

Choose an emoji to describe how you feel.

Where did this cute little app go?  Will it ever come back?

Why axe an app that was already developed?

Why not charge $.99 for it on the app store and allow for a minor income, while letting diary nut jobs like me reap some joy from it?

Would you use it?