One Week Till I Move Across the Country!


I had not been thinking about the date, but realized last night that I am one week away from moving to California to begin my little adventure into the wild yonder of:


Vegan advocacy

10 Billion Lives Tour

College campuses

Camper (Class B) van living

A different flavor of nomadism (I’m so glad I am staying true to the name of this site!)

Showering at Planet Fitness

Separation from my husband, Sandy, and everything I have lived in the last 8.5 years in NYC

My handsome man at the summit of Mt. Fuji

I’m not nervous or scared by the intensity of the work ahead of me cause although there are 55-hour work weeks, which begin with a boot camp training and living with the Tour Managers, the incessant roll of my current jobs – lesson planning, teaching, traveling to gigs, responding to guests on Airbnb, cranking out schedules for work exchange guests, scheduling petsitters –         will stop!

Awake 16 hours a day X 7 days in a week = 112 hours – 55 hours working = 57 hours of freedom!

Those sweet 57 hours of running, hiking, writing, drawing, reading, lathering on sunblock, researching local movie theaters, writing love letters to Sandy, biking, getting to know my co-operator, Grace, meeting new people, discovering new landscapes

4 Sustained Months of life on the road.

Followed by a month to Thailand catching up with my husband.

Then applying to jobs and re-setting my tutoring/petsitting schedule

Long distance relationship

The next four months will be colorful, and the only thing I am thinking about missing is Sandy. However, it is important, if you can, to take breaks, and as Sandy runs a company, it is important that he stay here. The separation also provides this beautiful chance for him to suddenly gain hours and focus – without me there to distract him – to complete two films he has been working on with footage he shot in Ecuador six years ago. I can’t wait to see what he does as ever since I saw his short film, it’s been a hope of mine that he would continue to create beautiful footage and narratives of unique souls that would go largely unseen.

Good luck mon amour. I know you’ll read this the instant I post it, and I love you and am proud of all you have done and will be doing.