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How to Pack for 4 Month Trip Living in a Van


It is daunting packing for a 4 month trip living in a van – with the restriction of having one small cabinet in a Camper Van to hold my less-than-worldly belongings. This is not a trip for leisure – as evidenced by the lack of fun, feminine, colorful clothing in my wardrobe – but one of practicality.

“What clothing items can I wear over and over again?”

“What bottoms do I need to pack that both – suit my work uniform of black bottoms and 10 Billion Lives T-shirt – and don’t look too shabby were I try to go out at night, and run in the morning?”

Northern California is cold – so I need some warm weather items for San Jose + the surrounding – for Southern Cali – San Diego, LA, and San Bernardino  (which I didn’t know how to spell till now! #eastcoastgirl) – I’ll need other items that will keep me cool.

Here is my definitive list:

That fit very nicely into 3 schoolbags!


Keeping in mind that we may not be accessing a washer/dryer much on this trip, I packed quite a load of socks & underwear – things that are gross to wear when they are sweaty/dirty from my regular runs and long days outside.

Not a lot go T-shirts, as M-F we are expected to wear the 10 Billion Lives T-shirt with black pants or shorts.

5-6 Thick Socks

5-6 Ankle Socks

Knee Length Pillow Coat – light and warm enough for cold Northern California nights

Black Rain Jacket

2 Sweatshirts

2 Tank Tops

1 T-Shirt

2 Running Shorts

2 Regular Pairs of Black Shorts (to fit dress code)

A few bras

Cap & Gloves




The Usual – Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotion, Facewash, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Dental Floss, Makeup Tools

Vega Multivitamins

Hair Clips & Ties

Eye Mask & Earplugs


Macbook & Charger

Paper Kindle (pre-loaded with 100+ books from my lovely Mama Brainard)

iPhone, Micro SD Cables, & Charging Blocks

Portable Charger



Protein Bars

Protein Powder

Dried Fruit

BPA-free Water Bottle

Other Supplies


5 Year Diary


Sketchbook & Rainbow of Crayola Markers


Welcome to Van Life!