Poor Little Edith is at the Emergency Vet right now


Under a 24 hour watch as she got ahold of her owner’s bottle of Vitamin D gel pills.  The bottle was closed, but Edith managed to gnaw the top off and consume all the contents inside – about 10-20 pills.

Edith Buttercup, almost 1 year old

Edith Buttercup, almost 1 year old

Vitamin D Toxicity in Dogs

When ingested in exorbitant levels… vitamin D can cause serious health issues.


Vitamin D toxicity is an emergency that requires immediate treatment and hospitalization. In fact, the initial 72 hours are crucial in saving the life of your dog. If the compound containing toxic amounts of vitamin D was ingested recently, your veterinarian will induce vomiting. There are also various drugs which bind the toxic compounds and prevent further vitamin D absorption.

To maintain proper hydration and correct electrolyte imbalance, intravenous fluid therapy may be utilized. Additionally, intravenous fluids are important in promoting the excretion of calcium through urine.

She was rushed to the vet, when this was discovered. She seems to be doing well and was fed charcoal, given a blood test, and is under 24/7 monitoring. It’s a whopping $2500 per day of treatment and the vet is recommending Edith stay with them three days. We are hoping for the best for this precious gem.