Tutoring Barron Trump


“Have you Tutored Barron Trump?”

Over the years I have tutored many students and managed a company, Bright Kids NYC, that tutors NYC students for admissions into private schools and gifted programs. Considering the high percentage of students that enroll in test prep to gain admissions into kindergarten programs in NYC, there is large likelihood that a student like Barron Trump, among many other celebrity children, has been one of the thousands of 4 year olds streaming through our doors to prepare for the IQ-like exam that determines admissions into one of NYC’s elite privates schools. While friends have asked, “Have you tutored Barron Trump?” my answer continues to stand that all student information is private and confidential.

“Ok… So if you did tutor Barron Trump? Does it make you feel guilty?”

No matter who the parents are of the children I work with, I never feel guilty about educating a child. Providing education to a child is one of the greatest gifts I can give. Children should not be judged based on their parent’s actions. Let Barron grow up to become an adult who will make his own decisions.

While I may not agree with every child’s parents that I work with, I would never deny a child a fair and equal education. However, I do feel guilty that in the past I have mostly been working with parents that can afford my tutoring rates. As a result of such guilt I have lately switched to performing more nonprofit based work, and I am hoping in the next couple of seasons to generate a Kickstarter to launch either free or low-cost tutoring material that I would publish online, allowing many parents, including those that cannot afford tutoring or expensive tutoring books, to access test prep material to prepare for the private school and gifted and talented kindergarten admissions exams.

Image courtesy of Melania Trump’s IG

Working for Celebrities

It is implicit that have I worked for any number of celebrities, and I have to say that many of the children that I work with are very similar at age four. While I teach skills – number identification, visual discrimination, vocabulary, etc – that allow these students to have the foundation they need to excel at the admissions exams, many of my students are extremely bright. Therefore my job is less about increasing their IQ score (which is not terribly possible as IQ is greatly an inherited trait) and more about ensuring my students have the knowledge and awareness as to how to answer the types of questions answered on these exams.

Most of my students are fairly well behaved, and at the point I am at in my career, I am extremely picky about the families I choose to work with.  Every year I receive many requests that I turn down or refer to other tutors or tutoring companies as by August I am often completely booked with students preparing for these exams.

Is Tutoring 3 or 4 Year Olds for these Exams Unethical?

Considering the high percentage of students that engage in some form of test prep before taking a kindergarten admissions test in NYC, I do not find it odd or unethical. Much like tutoring for the SAT, it is almost a necessity to arrange for such tutoring in order to be able to compete against the many other students that are preparing for these exams. Admissions into the best schools in NYC is highly competitive, and students scoring below the 90th percentile may not be considered, unless they have some special connection to a school.

Where Does Barron Trump Attend School?

Barron Trump currently attends Columbia Grammar and Prep School, one of the oldest nonsectarian private schools in the United States, located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, in New York City, New York. Tuition ranges around $45,000, which is fairly average for a NYC private school.

Is Columbia Grammar and Prep a Good School?

According to Vanity Fair, “the school, long considered a second-tier pick behind the likes of Dalton, Collegiate, Horace Mann, and Trinity, has closed the reputation gap in recent years. Now, with all the nation’s eyes on the Trump family, the school could raise the money and attract the local eminences and foreign dignitaries it needs to give it a big status bump.”

I agree with this assessment. Although Columbia Grammar has never been high on my families’ lists of schools, it is sometimes mentioned as a backup school should a child not gain admissions into a Tier 1 School. Parents can read other parents’ assessments of Columbia Grammar on Urban Baby.

Despite the boost this school may receive in applications next year due to its current notoriety, according to, in December of 2016, “terrified parents whose children attend Barron Trump’s pricey New York City prep school packed a contentious meeting Monday morning to confront the Secret Service with their safety concerns. At the meeting, which was also attended by school officials and representatives from the Secret Service, many school parents expressed their fears about the added security risks that Barron’s presence now poses. One parent pointed out that Trump has said the U.S. should “take out the families” of ISIS members and that this threat made Barron’s school a terrorist target. One parent who attended the meeting described the Secret Service officers’ responses as ‘evasive’.”

Therefore, many parents are likely waiting with bated breath for Melania and Barron Trump to move to D.C., so they no longer are plagued with the safety concerns and inconveniences inherent in having their children attend school alongside the President’s child.

I will soon be returning to my animal rights and nomad/touring posts, but as many of you have been asking me about Barron Trump, I figured it was easier to generate one statement on this.