10 Billion Lives – College of the Sequoias stop


Visalia, you impressed us with the kindness of your students.

A city in the middle of an agricultural area, we were sure to meet students and those with family that work on farms, and some in slaughterhouses. There’s worry that some get desensitized to witnessing and inflicting violence on animals as a self defense mechanism one may develop to make such brutal work feasible. We understand that the farm industry is a business and one that many feel they have to work in to support themselves or their family. Doubtful anyone chooses to do this under any circumstance, other than duress.

However, despite meeting students under such circumstances, you were open and honest about your affiliation with such companies, and spoke to the many horrors you or your family have undergone witnessing animal slaughter.

To the student who works on a turkey farm and expressed needing to give up eating meat after witnessing baby chicks – just days after birth growing adult feathers bc of the heavy level of hormones they are given to grow to full, monstrous proportions in mere months…

To the father who must day after day slit pigs from neck to bottom, watching the blood drain out while the pigs’ body throttles and spasms as the life drains out…

To the future students and children of the town who will grow up and feel forced to work in the farm industry…

As animal rights activists, we feel – and wish – you too, just as the animals, did not have to be subjected to such horrible circumstances.

We wish the demand for meat and dairy were much less, so that you did not have to performs jobs like this.

Keep sending your children to good schools. Give them the education and the pathways to remove themselves from this industry.

And please cut back on your consumption of dairy and meat. 

With each person that commits to go vegan…

With each person that this person then convinces to stop eating meat and dairy…

We get closer to shutting the farm industry down.

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  1. I’ll be in Visalia in a couple of weeks! I’m covering California for Vegan Outreach, so I’m surprised we haven’t crossed paths yet.

    1. Hi Steve,
      I’ll email you now. You seem quite a veteran of Vegan Outreach, and we would surely love to meet up!

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