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Lancaster, California


It hasn’t even rained and there is a rainbow in Lancaster.

Is so wonderful and awful here in Lancaster California

Lancaster, California at dawn.

Surround sound mountain views and empty, dusty plains make up the small town of Lancaster California

It is truly stunning each day as I watch dawn break into an eruption of color.

It is so unlike New York City, where beauty comes in buildings blocking the horizon. We call it a skyline to make it special.

Lancaster California asleep

I love small city California.

I could walk all day to its outskirts and beyond. It makes me think whether I ought to embark on the group hike I signed up for to Devil’s Punch Bowl Park.

Full moon over a field in Lancaster, CA

But you can’t leave your laundry going at the laundromat without thinking it would be stolen.

We found a laundromat with free WiFi in Lancaster, California.

For every turn of natural, dust covered beauty, there’s a dirty foot of pavement. Empty storefronts.

I found the one sign with the town motto “Lancaster. It’s positively clear.”

Lancaster, it’s positively clear.

Surrounded by tossed bags of trash that had somehow opened upon impact with the ground and scattered across the grass.

Again. “Lancaster, it’s positively clear.”

“Lancaster. It’s positively clear.”

Panorama – sunny on one horizon and rain on the next. Lancaster, CA

What does that mean?

Clear that “Sugar. We’re going down.”?

Clear that people are positively who they want to be, or at least positively going to act how they want to act, at that minute, with little reflection on how dumping that trash contributes to a, “I give up” attitude that serves as a guiding principle that condones other people dumping their trash all over this sacred – maybe no longer sacred – Earth.

I watched “The Space Between Us” last night at the local theatre. The story opens with a few lines on how the human species has depleted the Earth of its natural resources and now must seek settlement on Mars. There is a bleak few minutes of rhetoric on this unsettling and very “positively clear” future that exists in our reality, before the fault-laden storyline unravels. It’s meant to be punchy, dropping some hard lines that are all too real and foreboding, and it is the most effective part of the film in making my stomach drop.

Why do we accept this merely as fate?

Lancaster, California

Why don’t people experience more concern and take action to delay, if not stop, this future?

Is there hope that we will pioneer technology that will dig us out of this mess? Despite our lands being ravaged, as we dig deeper and deeper for fossil fuels as we become more desperate and starved for easy sources of energy.

Why is this ok?

Why, reader, aren’t you doing more in your life – convincing others to do the same?

Do we not really care?

We will exit this world at the end of our lives. Is that why we don’t care? Mother Earth is such a figment of symbolic fiction that we don’t care that we are all separate needles stabbing at her into a steady, rapid death until she gets fed up enough to pay us back with climate disasters and disease.

If we were vampires, set to live as long as we liked, would we take more care?

I’m going to go eat some more fruit, collecting the remains to dump later in a roadside ditch to rot and composte.
Cause despite all the human error and stupidity, I love this beautiful place and want to do my part to preserve it.