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Giving Away Kombucha


One of my favorite things about growing kombucha has been giving away the babies.
Kombucha scobies reproduce quickly.

While I had received my mother only three months ago, by the time I left NYC she had spawned into 25 new scobies.

Scobies lined up in the server room of my husband's office

Scobies lined up in my husband’s office

Initially I gave them away to friends, but since leaving NYC it became expedient that I list them on Craigslist and bartering site, Our Goods, to get them out the door more readily.

Throughout the week, people have been filtering in and out of my husband’s office as they choose a baby to bring home with them to make sweet, delicious, fermented tea.

This happy new mama is excited to cut back on kombucha expenses.

Another was excited to take a few to cut up, cure, and make kombucha jerky and candy from a few scobies.

New proud father of a Kombucha scoby

It has been the gift that keeps giving as my husband has been asking to take candids of each person embracing his or her new baby scoby. While I have been managing the craigslist ad and scheduling of picker-uppers, as I’m on the west coast, he has been in charge of meeting them and handing over the scobies.

Craigslist ad for free kombucha scobies

It’s fun to think this all began three months ago when we we met Staten Island Urby‘s very friendly and generous resident chef, Brendan Costello, at an Open House New York Event. He had served us a delicious, bubbly kombucha tea at the end of the Open House, and was kind enough to show us around the kitchen, including his amazingly large, healthy, and very productive mother scoby. Held in a magnificent 10 gallon glass, jar, after gauging our interest in his kombucha, he offered to gift us one of his baby scabies.

After experiencing all the joy of giving away kombucha scobies – something that comes at little cost other than brewing sugary, black tea for the babies to eat as they are born – I began looking online to see if there is any site or org that arranges for the free exchange of kombucha scobies. Unfortunately, all of the groups that once did this have gone kaput.

It has got me thinking of creating a small Kickstarter to fund creating a site that would manage the exchange of scobies – around the world.

Would you like to see something this develop?

What recommendations do you have for Kickstarter backer rewards?

XO, NY Nomads