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I was skeptical of Van Life, but…


Other girls post makeup videos.

I post attempting to wash my face while living in a van videos.

Applying lipstick in the closest bathroom I can find.

I warn mothers and fathers to lock up their children’s IG accounts because they ikely don’t want them to see me and become inspired to:

  • @ age 31
  • With an a Ivy League degree
  • And an amazing husband 3000 miles away, back home

While many are in an office on a Monday, I’m sitting in a Mercedes repair shop waiting for the van to get its fluids refreshed.

Uproot their lives to:

  • Live in a van
  • Wash up in the mornings in a Park and Ride Bathroom.
  • Preach animal rights and veganism
  • Roam the streets on early morning jogs


I wake up to morning views like this when in Central California.

I’m the least dissatisfied, physically healthiest, and the most at peace I have been in the last decade.
Not only that, but I’m learning to better appreciate my husband, my friends, my family, modern conveniences…

We have a sink, but have to be careful to use it sparingly as it’s hard to find places to refill.

More and more with this detox of a lifestyle.

It’s funny because when I first met my husband, he told me of his plan to take his father’s old van and remodel it into a home.

My husband’s CAD to remodel an ordinary van into a house van.

The ceiling of the van was cut off and replaced with this roof.

Interior of Sandy’s house van.

I was skeptical, but two years after I first met him and heard his story, here I am washing up in Target bathrooms and loving van life.

Such a hypocrite.

But I’m learning to recognize and respond to different life settings, goals, and abilities.

There are certainly times when I miss having my own living space, a hot shower, a BATHROOM of all things, and of course, Sandy, but I’m enjoying being clear headed and building up on enough on the road learning in a close space with another person, my team mate, to return, or maybe not return, to wherever space it is that I wind up in next, a better, more informed person.

Washing up in a public bathroom has become a way of life.

My home for four months – a Dodge Sprinter outfitted with a kitchen and bed