Living Solo in NYC – Two Weeks In


What will I do when my tour ends? Return to NYC?

It was two weeks ago today that I dropped off Jen at the airport.  So what have I been up to since she left?  Well, for starters, I’ve tried to keep busy.  Very busy.  I’ve been lucky enough to marry a planner who finds fun activities for any open gaps in our schedule.  She’s helped me move away from 100 hour work weeks and find a better balance between work and pleasure (though they aren’t always mutually exclusive).  My main goal for the time that Jen is away is to not drift back to the all work and no play Sandy of yesteryear.  Here are some of the activities that I’ve filled my time with.


Replacing a toilet shutoff valve

I often put off general repairs because, to be honest, I’d rather go see a movie. But they are necessary and new surprises come up every day. And each time something breaks, I get to learn how to fix it. On my first Saturday solo, I visited our Jersey City Bed and Breakfast to do some basic maintenance. New light fixture, check. New toilet shutoff valve, check. New towel hooks, check. Collect mail, read it, shred it, check. It feels good to get these tasks taken care of before they pile up too high…and the fact is, with a house they never actually stop piling up.


Sunday morning organizing our storage

Getting the drift here? It’s time to take care of some chores. On Sunday I visited our storage unit to pack up our bikes for the winter and do some organizing. I actually stumbled across some items that I had been looking for, like my old Hi8 home movie collection (score!) and some books. It’s surprisingly peaceful flipping through boxes of the past and leaving everything in a cleaner state always feels like progress, no matter how small.

Movie Night!

Movie night featuring Drive

Don’t worry, my idea of fun isn’t just organizing and cleaning and repairing. Did you know that we host events through NY Nomads? Check out our Events page regularly to see if we have anything coming up. On my first weekend solo, I hosted a screening of Nicolas Winding Refn’s film Drive starring a hammer wielding Ryan Gosling.

Writing Letters to Prisoners

Writing a letter to a political prisoner

I used to regularly attend vegan potlucks hosted by Anarchist Black Cross at The Base in Brooklyn. Every other week ABC invites anyone to gather, enjoy some vegan food, and write letters to political prisoners. They have a very thorough guide of political prisoners currently serving time and at each event they recap the latest events affecting those prisoners. It’s a thought provoking practice and always a friendly and interesting crowd. I hadn’t attended in two years but now I have plenty of extra time on my hands. Oh, and it’s free.

Go See A Movie!

I’ve seen more movies in the last few months than I saw in the past five years combined thanks to Jen’s gift of a MoviePass. With MoviePass, I can see a movie at most theaters once every 24 hours. Since we both have them, we see a LOT of movies. Fortunately it covers some of our favorite theaters in NYC. This week I saw The Lure, a Polish horror musical that puts a euro-disco nightclub spin on The Little Mermaid (and yet somehow actually follows Hans Christian Andersen’s version of the tale more accurately). Watch the trailer, it’s worth it.

Go Somewhere I Don’t Normally Go

The Staten Island Ferry in the winter

I went to Staten Island. I didn’t have to, but I did. And it’s free! I particularly enjoy standing outside on the deck in the winter when no one else dares get whipped by the cold air bouncing off the water. It’s refreshing, especially at night when you can look back at the twinkling city lights as they shrink in the distance.

This isn’t everything I’ve done, but these are all things that I chose to do to keep busy given my evenings and weekends on my own. I’ve also had dog sits, friends to catch up with, kombucha handouts, fight training at The Base, and LOTS of FaceTime with Jen. As much as I wonder how time flies, it’s also amazing how much you can fit into an open day. I miss Jen every day, but at least there’s always enough going on in New York City to keep me distracted.