Our Long Distance Marriage – NYC to Cali


Every day I wake up and we speak…at 4am Pacific Standard Time… because he’s in NYC… and I’m in California.

I love it here.

And I have loved being here by myself the last week
Despite having loved this man the last two years of my life
Despite sobbing for hours at JFK International Airport last week
I am able to wholly focus
On developing this blog.
On sharing the truth about the farm industry,
Saving lives of animals.

I’ll meet so many people.
Just in two days, our team spoke to 300 people at Foothill College in Los Altos, CA.
We are slowly making people aware of the injustices of the farm industry.
On college campuses
Over Instagram
Over Twitter
To cut back their meat and dairy consumption.

On tour with 10 Billion Lives exposing the farm industry, one campus at a time.

It is ironic because two years ago
When I first laid eyes on my husband’s Ok Cupid profile
Seeing “vegan” written in his profile
Made me nervous
(before I went vegan myself
& little did I know that “Vegan” was literally written on him).

My husband’s “Vegan” tattoo. I used to hardcore make fun of him for having this, but after becoming vegan myself, I find it “less” tacky. hahahahaha

Many of the vegans I knew seemed to define themselves by this term.
Vegan = Identity = Less Personality = Militant Vegans (some, not all)
 But I gave him a “like” on OKCupid
And he messaged me back.
I didn’t expect much.
I had experienced plenty of online dating.
Many were nice, a few were wolves, but no one worth sticking with past a first date.

My hunky husband and petsit dog, Miss Beasley!

But he was different.
I was suspicious at first.
A man with such good intentions who didn’t know how to flirt.
He must be boring – or psychotic – or fake – maybe he just wanted a friend.
I tried breaking up with him a couple of times.
But he was persistent
And ended up being everything I needed to become a better person.
He supported me in endeavors, like starting Woof Woof NYC, NYC’s 1st petsitting company.
And he loved meeting new animals & roaming across the city with my from one petsit to the next.
Technically “homeless,”
he was sleeping in his office
and there could not be a more perfect match than for him to meet a lady with multiple nice apartments

“The best thing from the last year, in the new year” January 2016

 Never proselytizing
Never preachy or judgemental
Of my diet choices.
He led by example.
And here we are.
Two years after we met.
I’m not only vegan, but on the road educating (not harassing) others on the choices they can make to improve the lives of animals, themselves, the world, etc.
And while we are 2,902 miles apart,
We are closer than ever.

What Each State Googles More Than Any Other

Me in the home of “Lion Tamers.”
Him in the land of the “Professional Cuddlers.”