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A Smart Car in Death Valley


We booked a 2012 Smart Car fortwo  from Andrew through the Car Borrowing App – Turo.

It was a wonderful experience!

The car is a little small. Picking up the car we were a little unsure whether we would be able to fit all our camping accoutrements in the back.


However, we packed:

  • A tent & 2 sleeping bags we borrowed from our gracious Turo host, Andrew!
  • 3 blankets from our Airbnb
  • 2 pillows
  • A schoolbag or two of food
  • 2 schoolbags with clothing, toiletries, electronics

No cars, no traffic

It is not the best car for backcountry camping, as you may not want to travel down dirt roads with this small-wheeled car, and the gas mileage is not better than a Yaris or a light Sedan, but it was fun rolling into each parking lot and having people’s jaws drop seeing it rolling around a national park.