Believe it or not, I was bit by another dog.


That time I went to California.

Was chased by multiple dogs that escaped from under their fences in Bakersfield, Visalia, and Burbank,

But was bit by one 

On a leash 

Walked by a fit looking blonde woman wearing stylish athletic gear 

Walking her dogs

On ritzy Entrada Road 

In Topanga Canyon.

Two Puncture Marks

They walked past me as I jogged up the incline of the street and just as I made it past the owner, her medium sized dog turned its head and nipped me.The bite was so quick, so unexpected, that I continued running a few places before reacting to the sting. I then stoppedI and lifted the tights on my right leg, surprised to see a moist slobber mark on the upper part of my calf. Pulling up my tights, on the back of my upper right calf, there they were – two puncture wounds that had not yet started to bleed.

I jogged over to the owner and showed her the bite her dog had made. Never mind that this lady likely lives in one of the multi-million dollar homes running along this road – she did not offer any care, just a look of disbelief and utterance that, “She’s never done that before!”

Don’t worry.

First thing I did was go to an Urgent Care to get the wound cleaned 

And then to CVS to start a regimen of 

3 pills a day.

7 days’ time.


Picking up my prescription at CVS – Took 5 minutes to fill. Thanks CVS!

So grateful to live in an era of antibiotic treatment and able to afford treatment. 

My visit to the Urgent Care cost $75 cash – even without insurance – at Canoga Park Urgent Care.

$75 Bill for Urgent Care Bill

My prescription was $11.86 with insurance ($65 without). 

ALWAYS go to an Urgent Care to get looked at and prescribed antibiotics – or you risk amputation or death because of infection.

The Canoga Park Urgent Care took good care of me and began taking my vital signs right after collecting my paperwork. Their online listing  site lists the Urgent Care as being open until 7p, but when you call they ask that you arrive at 5:45p. I told them I’d be there around 6 and arrived at 6:10p.

Waiting Room at Canoga Park Urgent Care

There was just one other patient there. The front desk staff consisted were pretty matter of fact. They took my driver’s license and insurance card and said that since they could not reach my insurance company at this hour (6p), I would need to pay $75 cash. They gave me a receipt that I could try to have partially reimbursed from my insurance provider.

The physician’s assistant took a quick look at the bite and said I would not need stitches. She would start me with antibiotics.
She asked if I exchanged info with the owner.
I said, “No. I did not want to make the owner feel guilty.”
She gave me a look of disapproval and said that I ought to have gotten this info because if I got rabies the treatment would be expensive and the owner responsible for this.
The owner looked a local out for a walk with her two dogs in a ritzier place of Topanga. Blonde and fit with two pretty, well cared for dogs. I replied to the physician’s assistant that, “The owner looked rich and the dogs well taken care of.”
She shook her head, and replied, “You can’t tell anything by this.”
At the time of the bite I had been too busy thinking empathetically about what the owner must feel. As someone who regularly works with different dogs, sometimes those with a history of aggression to other dogs or humans, I was concerned about rocking her boat beyond notification of her dog’s aggression. However, I realize now the foolishness in not asking for her contact info.
I will never make that mistake again and hope that those reading this will not make such a move, mistaking this for thoughtfulness. On the flip side, if I ever have a dog nip someone, I will make sure they are ok, know to go to an Urgent Care, and will swiftly provide my contact info and ask for theirs as well. It is the owner or caretaker’s responsibility for ensuring that the person bit is ok.
To know that everyone reading this will 100% of the time seek out an Urgent Care and take antibiotics immediately upon receiving a dog bite – and let others know to do the same – would be the greatest reassurance to me.

My loving parents insisted on taking me to the Urgent Care over 30 minutes away from their home in Topanga. Spent the evening taking care of me, including picking up the prescription at CVS.

My next blog will be about the time – just 6 months ago – that I got another dog bite, that would have taken my life if I had not sought out medical treatment. Check in tomorrow.