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Why You Should go to Urgent Care EVERY Time You Get an Animal Bite


The last time I received a dog bite… I got a bad infection.

Gross, but this is what a dog bite infection can look like.

From Late September 2016 

Post 1

“Today I was badly bit by a dog. No stitches necessary, but even after holding a paper towel on it for half an hour to try to clot the blood, it filled a couple band-aids with blood.

Four hours after the bite, when I took a band-aid off a gush of blood erupted, but I think it’s under control now.

It just kept bleeding and bleeding.

Without a doubt I want to continue to work with this pup, because he, if any dog, needs a patient, calm sitter with some training experience. I also don’t want to disappoint his wildly wonderful owner. However, unexpected bouts of aggression – right when we had been calmly sitting on the floor together, me petting, him wagging his tail in joy just seconds before – after 10 peaceful mornings – is very frustrating.

The lengths we take to work with dogs that have been abused. He still randomly bites his owner, and he is not at all friendly with new people. However, who can blame him with all the physical and psychological damage his last owner dealt him.”

Post 2 – the next day…

Sitting in the waiting room of an Urgent Care in Brooklyn Heights

Sitting in the waiting room of an Urgent Care in Brooklyn Heights

My visit to urgent care.

Cause you are all right. I had an infection.

When the area surrounding my cut started to hurt and the pain was not dissipating from a night of rest, off I begrudgingly went to CityMD Brooklyn Heights.

My doctor, Dr. Hew, at City MD Cobble Hill took excellent care of me.

It is very important that I went, as when I took my bandaid off my clean looking cut was starting to look yellow under the flap of skin covering it.

The doctor pointed out streaking on my forearm – a red line extending up the vein of my forearm. “That is the infection spreading to the rest of your body,” the doctor informed me.

An IV of Antibiotics to cure my dog bite infection.

The first half of my visit was very tense. The doctor told that as my hands are such important body parts that I use readily that although antibiotic pills may do the job, he wanted to arrange for an immediate surge of penicillin directly into my veins through IV. He kept looking at the streaking and followed with, “If you start to experience fever, chills, or more pain, you need to head to the ER immediately.”

Sandy and I sat stunned during his diagnosis. I think the orderly was pretty freaked out too, especially when this news caused me to become queasy, the color draining from my face, as I nearly fell off the examining chair. Sandy ran to my side, and I squeaked to the doctor that I was losing consciousness. Deep, slow breaths and reclining fortunately brought the color back to my face.

Trying to Distract Myself While Receiving an IV of Antibiotics.

Watching Vice Principals allowed me to get hooked up to the IV across two needles without my blacking out from anxiety.

I am so lucky I have insurance that allows me to seek help without fear of financial insolvency. I may not have gotten checked out till I was at an ER stage of emergency.

I now have my hand in a splint, 5 days antibiotics, and a checkup tomorrow.

Hand in a splint and a prescription for a month of oral antibiotics.

Please if you all ever get bit, don’t be stupid and stubborn like me. Get checked out immediately at an urgent care. Soap, water, and antiseptic cream is not enough.

Post 3

My dog bite is on the mend. No sign of an infection.

On the mend. The red line and the incessant pain are gone. I did have to get my wound cut open and drained of puss at the doc’s. It was reassuring to have the same doc as I saw originally, as he looked pleased that the wound was healing up.

He said the puss is fine as it is pushing the infection to the surface. He advised me to keep my hand elevated, so that the remains of the infection can be pulsed out to the rest of my body and disposed of.

Edith the English Bulldog Puppy

Otherwise, all is back to normal. Staying over with Edith and she is an absolute beast, but I am grateful she is ridiculous, rather than emotionally scarred.


Sorry for the gross photos, but hoping it scares enough of you that you won’t repeat my mistake of not going straight to urgent care with an animal bite.