Walking in the lakes of Tecopa + Free? or Paid Hot Springs Around Death Valley


We were lured to Tecopa by a long term resident of the Airbnb house we had rented in Las Vegas for the weekend.

“Those hot springs healed my back. I go out there 2-3 times a week.”

“You can pay to visit Delights or the RV Park pools, but there’s a couple free ones off a dirt road before you hit these.”

“Free?” We perked up. “How do we get there?”

Listening to his loose directions – “Delights used to be the place I’d go, but they recently raised their prices…before you get there, you turn down this dirt road on the right. About a mile down you’ll find the hot spring. There may be some fish that will nip at you. They won’t hurt you… just bite at your dead skin. Probably at this time of year they’ll be deeper in the lake cause it is in the summer that they move to the bank where you’ll be sitting. Oh, and you have to go in naked.”

“That’s fine with me,” I chirped, trying to show him I wasn’t afraid of a little danger. I had gotten naked at nude beaches. No problem…

“Just watch out. I’ve stopped going because the last time I’ve gone I’ve seen homosexual men and wife swappers. If a man and a woman come up and get undressed you may want to get out and go home.”
He was a pretty quirky man.
Sandy and I decided we would visit the hot springs on our way home from Death Valley, hot and aching from a long day of hiking and camping the day before.

The surrounding area of the pools out front were caked in a layer of salt.

When that time arrived, we set the GPS for Tecopa. Driving around the area we could not find the dirt road our friend at the Airbnb had referenced. Turning into a BBQ restaurant outside Delights to ask for directions there, they referred us to Delights and gave us a brochure. They said that some people dipped their feet in the lakes we had seen out front, but only if they wanted a mud bath.
Sandy poked his head into the Delights Men’s Section. Hot and bothered that we could not find the free hot springs, I chose to stay in the car. Underemployed I was trying to save and only spend on things I needed or really wanted. Sandy came out to report that the pools were shabby, so we decided to try out luck with the mud bath lake out front.


Trying to dodge paying for access to the Tecopa Hot Springs at , we decided to try out the lakes you see on your way to the Tecopa Hot Springs Campground and Delights Hot Springs.

However, walking into the lake, you’ll find that your feet will sink into the ground. Before you reach the lake, your feet will have sunk at least a foot into mud.

Once in the lake, you’ll continue to sink into the ground.

We were glad we didn’t try to fully bathe in these lakes. Bring towels and water to wash off after this venture.

We ended up driving to the nearest town, Shoshone, 5 miles down the road to properly wash off our legs. Luckily the sprinklers were on in the front yard of the Sheriff, so we danced around in these until the mud came off our legs.

So maybe you would rather stay at or visit Delight’s Hot Springs Resort.

Pools are naturally a hot 99-104 degree Fahrenheit and regulated by the amount of flow of water into the pools. Guests can access the hot springs 24/7.

  • Day passes are $15/day M-F and $20/day on weekends.
  • An overnight stay at a 2-person cottage is $100.
  • An overnight stay at a 4-person cottage is $140.

The hot spring pools of Delights Tecopa.

The “cottages” looked pretty beat up when Sandy and I pulled in to check the place out

I suggest reading the Yelp reviews about Delight’s before booking, that report it as a “bed bug infested resort” or

“For a $103 a night in the middle of no where, we expected better. Or maybe just a clean room, we definitely did not expect dilapidated and gross… The trailer electrical did not work, it was powered by extension cords and lamps. Two burners on the stove were broken- when we turned them on, we almost caught the trailer on fire. The trailer was tilting, wall paper was stapled to the wall in the shower, the bathroom cabinet had floral duct tape hiding damage, parts of the ceiling had water damage, the door looked like it had once been kicked in, their was a half torn cot in the closet and I hope we didn’t get bed bugs. We slept in our sleeping bags on top of the bed.”

The lovely (disgusting), overpriced rooms of Delights Hot Springs

Really creepy, old, in DESPERATE need of total renovation, probably leveling and starting my from scratch is better. Sorry Delights…

So maybe a day pass is best?