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Let’s Boycott Megabus 


It’s 9a on a Wednesday, and I receive this text from Megabus:

“Dear Jennifer Liepin,
Please check your email regarding your delayed service.”

A 3 hour delay awaits me ahead of a 7 hour bus ride from San Francisco to the Los Angeles area.

Instead of the original plan to arrive at 7:50p in Burbank, I can expect to arrive at midnight. Much too late to ask my parents to make the long drive back and forth to pick me up from the bus station. I’m glad to be saving them the drive, but I don’t look forward to the midnight $60 Uber back to Topanga tonight.

The next Megabus to LA does not leave until 10:30p and arrives the next morning at 5:30a. Not ideal, but I try to switch to this bus by calling Megabus. It would be the most efficient use of time to spend the day in Millbrae and the night sleeping on the bus, however restless this may be. I could catch a bus into Topanga later in the day.

I expect to be able to make this change without any trouble, since Megabus is inconveniencing me, but their Customer Service refuses.

::Insert Megabus delay video ::

I’m grateful that I’m facing this issue in San Francisco and not in the winter chill of the Northeast or the rain of the Northwest. It could be worse, and it is worse for any number of travelers on Megabus that face delays in the regular.

Considering that Boltbus covers may of the same routes as Megabus and has never put me in this situation, why do I keep supporting Megabus with my purchases? To save a few bucks each trip? It’s not worth it.

Don’t get me started on the promises of free WiFi and possibly even free movies from Megabus because it is unavailable half the time and so slow that no one uses it.

I hate Megabus, and probably you do too.

Let’s boycott it.