Preparing for Last Minute, Free Stay in Hawaii


Sorry I’ve dropped off the radar on here. I wasn’t getting 500 visitors /day consistently I did with the one major post about Sandy and my relationship (you all must love drama!), so I had thought this site just wasn’t interesting for enough people.
However, even without posting this site is  receiving 50 visits a day.

And I have a lot of new, exciting life changing events set to occur and interesting things that I have experienced in the past few days to post.

  • New jobs and prospects
  • New home on the horizon
  • New work setting
  • More travel
  • Also…

I’m heading to Hawaii early Thursday.

(Oh. And I have silver hair now)

Found a $600 RT flight with one stop each way – from Oakland up San Francisco.

My friend, Mike, has 5 free days at a Marriott saved from all his consultant traveling and wanted a friend to come along. Since I’m on a break at the moment, I seemed the perfect person, with no work or family obligations, to tag along.

Kamehameha Marriott, here we come!

Kamehameha Marriott, my new home for 5 nights.

To get there, I need to prepare!
Checklist for tomorrow

  • Mail laptop (busted on me 4 days ago) to Sandy to see if last repair – that was warranties – will fix this
  • Mail Nicki’s key
  • Borrow large bag from Mike to pack
  • Pick up quick oats (so I can hook up breakfast with boiling water at a gas station or at the hotel)
  • Online checkin for flight
  • 11a nanny agency call – they have 3 jobs in mind for me!
  • 12p Alicia call – discuss her building our Bnb a website
  • 1p Kasseem work exchange guest interview call
  • 3p Marketing call with my new admissions consulting office
  • Prep potatoes, fruit, and overnight oats to eat on flight day
  • Put extra apples and potatoes in the fridge to eat when returned from Hawaii


  • Is it worth packing Mike’s Ninja Blender? Or is there a small travel size blender I should invest in? Banana smoothies are a huge component of joy in my diet

Big Island Day 1 – Solo

I’m arriving two days ahead of Mike and don’t want to pay for a hotel while I’m underemployed.. So I’m car camping the first few days! Back to my previous life of living the vehicle I travel within.

Time to go back to sleeping in the place I’ll be traveling in.

My checklist for Day 1

  • Shopping when I get there
  • Potatoes
  • Pot to boil water for oats
  • Coconut oil for hair – severely damaged from last bleaching
  • Tomatoes
  • Kale
  • Stop at a gas station to microwave potatoes to eat before heading backcountry car camping
  • Purchase pass for Volcano National Park

Volcano National Park

  • Head to park before sunset to find a car camping spot