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Free Bagels (Dumpster Diving) in New York City


Who needs to pay for bagels when you live in nyc and bagel shops are regularly tossing their famously delicious bagels at the end of day?


You can easily, after a bagel shop closely, paw around the garbage bags left out front and find a perfectly clean set of bagels, often tossed separately in bag from any trash. 

Where to find bagels in New York City

With the distinct shape of bagels it is easy to feel around for the doughy bagels, to find the bag you ought to open.

You can do this outside of nearly any bagel shop, no matter where you are.

It is sad these aren’t donated or composted, so making the best of a wasteful situation. 

You can freeze and defrost these if you find you like the bagels enough to stock up. We usually gather a week at a time and I defrost one a day to eat as my high carb, low fat afternoon snack.