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I just spent 2.24 on a Diet Dr. Pepper cause I’m working 70 hours this week


I’m here fighting tourists in midtown.

Back in the office at International Academic Alliance with Michelle, Janet, Annie, and Lynn. It’s been 4 years, and it’s a joy to see them all again. I always liked that staff and that environment and only left when I did because the office life was cramping my style at that time, and I was on the cusp of an exciting career working for the family of  one of the top 10 wealthiest men in the UK, who conveniently had set up home with his 4 children in NYC.

The work is challenging and involved. I work 9 hours a day researching and using this information to inform the development of an American preK – K program that will be implemented in China. However, I love it. It pushes me to utilize my experience working with this age group and within preschools to create a program that will solidly prepare young Chinese children to enter an American preK program, as if they had been raised in the U.S.

Regardless, sitting for 9 hours at a desk is still a bit physically crushing. The first day my neck ached. By day 3, today, my body is adjusting, so I’m less sore. However, I’m less buoyed by the excitement from the change of work and environment, and with an 8:15a Round 3 interview this morning with a recruiter, I’ve had less time to exercise. So I’m out for a half hour stroll, writing this, pacing some of the emptier sidewalks between the avenues at the cross section of 39th Street and 6th Avenue.

Thankfully, despite the rain, I’ve still been able to fit a 20-minute bike ride or two in my day, to and fro work. Yesterday I took a selfie of the dewy juxtaposition between sweaty, post-light-rain-mist bike ride Me and made-up-for-work Me – and an enjoying the greater efforts I am putting into my appearance to be presentable at work.

Back to the title and feature pic, since I’m subjecting myself to a lifestyle that’s unnatural to me – the person who has for 4 years spent her day biking rapidly throughout the city between appointments, walking and running dogs, and otherwise maintaining a life so active it borders on exhaustion – in exchange for $, I’m making some purchases I usually would give excessive. So even though I know it is not good for my body, here I am pitching in for some diet fountain soda. 

Uh oh! Let’s see that this doesn’t become a regular habit, but cheers to those of you who indulge to make up for the fact that they are living a lifestyle that is a little less natural and wonderful for their bodies, in exchange to make a living. I empathize with the coping mechanisms.