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I’m exhausted!


It’s Friday. 7p.

Sandy is still working. He has been up since 3a scrambling to color an episode of a Bravo TV show that a co-worker could not finish. He just spent 5.5 hours meeting with the producers of the show and has one more nipple blur to go before he finishes tonight.

I just finished working as well.

It’s been a morning of editing, a midday break to run to the UES to meet new petsit clients, and an afternoon of delivering heirlooms for a family I work for, before finishing with responding to client emails.

I cannot complain much because I now love my work. 

I get to hang out and care for awesome dogs like Cindy, above, and her cat companion, Xiaomiao below.

The delivery came with meeting the aunt of one of my students, who I have known for years now, and her recent grandchild who I had only seen in pictures up till this point. It was great to see them and her daughter-in-law, and I was happy to make sure that some of her mother’s photos, journals, and art were delivered in safe keeping to her sister’s home.

I was also able to meet our new work exchange guest, Siobhan, and gain her help in delivering these items. She accidentally burnt me with her cigarette, in handing me an item with a cigarette in hand, and then she needs to go back to the apartment and be let in to retrieve the cell phone she left. Neither was an issue for me, but I feel she may have left feeling mortified about our first meeting.

But regardless of all this good vibes work, I am tired, but happy that in the $150 I made today – which is not a lot compared to what I used to make in the past – I have made enough to fund my simple lifestyle for a week.

Maybe even 2 weeks if Sandy and I continue to secure some good finds in the trash of Juice Press, Pret, Au Bon Pain, and Maison Keyser.