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Now I can Always Tell What My Pulse is: A Free Fitbit!


So part of the reason we started this blog was to share with others how to do things on the cheap or for free.

It just so happens that Sandy is so nice that people like to gift him with nice things. Gift certificates, food, and most recently… A Fitbit Charge HR. Thanks Caitlin!

He wasn’t a fan of wearing it on his wrist, finding it bulky, so he handed it off to me. I don’t wear it all day myself, not liking the feeling of silicone rubbing against my skin all day, but I’ll put it on before a run.

In the past I’ve had a Fitbit, that Sandy’s mother gifted to me. I loved seeing how far I went every day, and then I forgot it at this petsit, and never heard from the owner about it. 

Why do I like this Fitbit? 

It tells me my resting pulse!

Something I have always been proud is low, around 62-63 BPM, more standard in those with high cardio levels. 

And even running it is fun to my pulse double, sometimes nearly to 140!

It tracks mileage, and it’s fun when it buzzes each day at 10,500 steps to let me know I’m doing a good job.