Running with My Backpack Full of Food & Being Overbooked


I’ve only been home a week and already next week I find myself overbooked. 

Not overbooked in the sense that it is not doable, but overbooked in the sense that it is more work than I need or expected. 

I have: 

  • 2 Psych papers left to edit
  • A gig to move heirlooms to storage for a family 
  • As many hours as I can commit to consult on the creation of a kindergarten program 
  • Multiple petsits to manage, including my darlings Thunder, Ghost, and Juno 
  • Oh… And tutoring and admissions consulting

It’s business time.

This morning Sandy and I sat in the office of our bank to establish our dual control over the business accounts of our two Jersey City rental properties. It was good to get this done, no matter it taking much longer than we expected. 

There’s been that and…

  • Marie Kondoing the office space we work and sometimes live in, selling a hiking backpack, 8 jars of PB2, and a box of protein bars I don’t want to eat
  • Scheduling a 6 person in-the-dark Escape the Room
  • Preparing to host a 16 person brunch this Sunday with Sandy 
  • Laser tag.. 

But I haven’t let this get in the way of my resolution of gifting myself nearly unlimited time every day run my heart out.

In Hawaii, when I realized I didn’t want to return to NYC and aspire to normal career ambitions or salary goals – not more than I need – I decided that running, feeling as good about my body as I did when I gave myself the time to run as casually and as long as I wanted, should be an every day gift to myself.

And when I run, I run prepared:

Coffee, water, tissues, and snacks to get me through a potential 12 mile run. 

I’m probably one of only a few, and looking at the other runners, I am, doing this, but hey, it’s a part of my routine, and it lets me roam without care, with a little effort on my back that will have me constantly training for backpack hikes.