Work from Home Job #1: Editor of APA Research Papers


200 pages.

1 Fine tooth comb – my eyes.

One fine toothed comb, my eyes.

One fine toothed comb, my eyes.


A Comfortable chair.

A comfortable chair.

A comfortable chair.


Glass of water.

Snacks and other comforts that don’t require much getting up because every time I do, enter a world of distractions, and long paper essay editing is completely dependent on keeping one’s focus on the editing for hour at a time.

I Begin My Morning

With a 10 mile run from my home in Chelsea across the city to the East River, head south and round the bottom tip of Manhattan, and back along the Hudson to the office.

Knowing I will be sitting the rest of the day editing, tutoring, at a 9 month checkup at Manhattan Lasik, and a movie at the Metrograph, with some bike rides connecting the dots, I want to treat my body, like a city dog anxious to spend time outdoors, properly to some exhaustion.

Proofreading, Editing, APA formatting…

Two in One Day. 

They always come in droves.

100 pages at a clip.

Sometimes I find myself with 600 pages of editing sitting in my inbox….

The Source of Editing

Professors refer me to students knowing that I will help these students finesse their research findings, literature reviews, conclusions, and references into a neatly packed, APA formatted paper, ready for submission at the end of a marking period.

How Long Does it Take?

It takes me at least 8 hours to edit each paper, dependent on page length and frequency of edits.


Unlike many editors, I don’t merely edit for APA standards. I address content and grammatical errors, as I want my students to learn how to write properly, so that they are prepared for future APA submissions.

Why do I do it?

I love reading research papers and helping students! I constantly am learning about new research in the fields of psychology and sociology. The literature review sections provide me a summary of past research on the topic, while the research section of the papers allows me to gain insight into the steps the student took to further research. I’m glad that I can put my skills to use in training these students to perform and write appropriately about their research findings.

Work From Home Aspect

Work from home dog

It’s wonderful to accumulate a number of jobs that allow me to work from home, so that I can spend time with the various dogs and cats that I petsit. They keep me entertained; in between bursts of editing, I pet, roll around the floor, and play tug of war with my pets. I keep them company, so that while they are missing their owner, they have an engaged companion there to spend lots of time with them.