How To Get All this Fresh Produce for Under $20 in Manhattan


How can you do this?

Much of it is from the fruit vendors.

The cheapest are the ones:

  • Outside 14th Street Trader Joe’s
  • Outside 22nd Street Trader Joe’s
  • At 1st Ave and 23rd Street

Between them they have $1 mangos, $1 carton of mushrooms, and 5 for $1 bananas

$3 bag 5-lb of apples is at Union Square Greenmarket on Saturdays

Cheap apples can be found at Union Square Greenmarket on Saturdays.

North and West sides of Union Square Park  [map] This location open MondaysWednesdaysFridays & Saturdays year-round
Market Hours: 8:00 a.m – 6:00 p.m.

Foraged ramps NYC

Ramps were foraged by a client of my husband’s. I’m unsure of where he located these, but they were delicious and added so much flavor to a rooftop picnic held on Andy’s roof.