Boss Bitch


boss bitch super deluxe


Boss Bitch. My favorite piece from Rooftops Films this last Friday. The song is rhythmic and hypnotising in its repetitive lyrics. They sink themselves into your brain and pulse there for hours. 

The song, “Boss Ass Bitch” is sung by rap group PTAF. Their video for “Boss Ass Bitch” is pretty great too, and all the more impressive, considering that they were teenagers when they wrote the song. Remixed by Nicki Minaj, it was a small sensation in 2012-13.

Finally, 5 years after it was released, it reached its pinnacle, animated by amazing animator Winona Regan. It is gross and macrabe, with an animation, like one of my favorite cartoons of all time, Super Jail.  The lines are undefined. The women all look like men, bulging with muscle and speckled with overgrown body hair.  They are amazing in their alternating lumpiness and angularity.

Give some other GIFs from the Super Deluxe video a gander.

Super Deluxe PTAF Boss Ass Bitch

Super Deluxe PTAF Boss Ass Bitch

The Judge

The Judge “Vogue” scene from “Boss Ass Bitch”

Winona Regan makes lots of wonderful animations. Here are some of my favorites. Subscribe to her IG if you’d love to delight in more of her animations.

Winona Regan's twins

Winona Regan’s twins

Pizza Pizza by Winona Regan

Pizza Pizza by Winona Regan is so cute. I love pizza slices with sunglasses!

I'm in love with Winona Regan's work.

I’m in love with Winona Regan’s work.

There aren’t many people of whom I wish I had the same skills. They are nearly all artists. Don’t know what that says for me, cause while I took some art classes, I never ended up with enough vision to feel like a creator. My sketching now extend to drawing the dogs we watch and leaving cards of them for our petsit families. However, I have so much admiration for those that pursue their passion and create such wonderful delights. It’s not practical, it’s not guaranteed to make one a living, but it sure is wonderful being able to enjoy these delights. Thank you Winona Regan.

meow - Winona Regan

meow – Winona Regan