How I’ve Been Living


I’m back to a steady and healthy fitness and eating lifestyle, my resting heart rate some times sinks to 55 beats per minute, I’ve visited the dentist, and I’m running and biking across the Williamsburg Bridge every day sucking in the sweet, warm spring weather.

My dental hygienist recorded my blood pressure as 96 over 58 and noted that it was low, but likely a sign of good health, rather than hypotension.

Been aiming to achieve more than the recommended minimum of 10500 steps a day – which is enjoy 5-6 miles. I’m likely hitting 10+ miles most days, between running and dog walks.

It helps to have “new” (from Buffalo Exchange Williamsburg) sneakers to avoid injuries related to deflated pairs. They’re there every slightest – maybe run in once – used and as a result are a third of the brand new sticker price.

Hardly used and just $28 from Buffalo Exchange, a purveyor of used items

Been running and biking across my favorite bridge all week petsitting and childsitting in Williamsburg and the East Village. I forgot what a joy it is to cross this bike and pedestrian friendly bridge.

Staying overnight with one of my families  also means spending time in Edith’s company! ⬇️

And watching the first episode of American Horror Story, Hotel, which my so grown up 14 year old recommended to Sandy and me. Ha!

Keep an eye out for my blog about my cavity free visit to the free dental clinic Hostos Community College offers.
Petsitting this dappled Pomeranian on the border of Greenpoint and Williamsburg

Has been a joy, and we’ve enjoyed sharing the petsit with Woof Woof Nyc petsitter Genn.

My husband has been having to get up early to finish coloring a number of television shows. He leaves me messages written in found objects when he has to leave before I awake.

Mmm.. look at all this healthy vegan protein and ravioli that I picked up from the new Williamsburg Whole Foods! I remember 5 years ago when I lived in Williamsburg at 8th and Before Ave, and it was controversial there being built a CVS and Duane Reade – gasp! – chains!

My husband and I rarely spring for prepared foods, but I couldn’t resist, after an exhausting morning jog, picking up these Vegan Ravioli to refuel on healthy carbs in a low-fat and low sodium, fresh doughy packet that keeps me somewhere on the periphery of eating Raw Till 4.

Another sign of gentrification, I ound a few copies of this $10 British magazine and a bunch of copies of Nylon. Recently I’ve developed a leisurely hobby of flipping through magazines I like while eating breakfast. I’m being gentrified as well.

The prevalence of single serving coffee machines – found at the last three petsits.

Daily – breakfast with oats, blueberries, soy milk, and ????.

Daysit with Cora

My 8th grader is dissecting pigs at her school! Unnecessary, with all the computer programs that simulate this. I like this school, and I hope that with all the ethics it attempts to pass to its students, that they stop this practice.

A good deed for the morning

Found these books outside and listed them in the free section of Craigslist for interested parties to pick up