A Month of Job Interviews Has Come to an End


Job Interview - Tell me about you.

I’ve now completed 10 interviews in the last month – one week I had an interview scheduled each day of the work week! And the solid month of job interviews has finally come to an end.

Too many job interviews!

Too many job interviews!

What Kind of Interviews?

  • Tutoring Company #1 Client Manager
  • Tutoring Company #2 Tutor Manager
  • Staffing Agency
  • Life Coach for a 16 Year Old Boy
  • Consulting for a Tutoring Company
  • Family Assistant

That’s all in addition to the multiple petsit meet and greets with new clients and with new admissions clients, which numbers over 15.

Bring it on job interview

Bring it on

Why Interviewing is a Good Experience

People often note that one should interview a bunch simply for the gained experience of interviewing. I see interviewing as so much than that. One can

  • Meet new people
  • See and learn about new learning environments
  • In my case, have fun shocking the interviewers with the wide breadth of my experiences and clientele
  • Focus on self improvement as one learns which of one’s life stories people enjoy learning about ( people love hearing about how my husband and I flipped a dank, 100 year old house into a successful Bnb through work exchange man power )
  • Discern how to improve one’s image – who do you want to appear to be?
  • Improve one’s wardrobe ( as noted in my Minimalist Wardrobe entry )
The interview went really well!

The interview went really well!

How’d the Interviews Go?

Tutoring Companies

According to Glassdoor, Inspirica is a great place to work, and while Pinnacle has a very dated website, it is well known to be an effective tutoring outfit. However, I make short shrift of both of these options. I had applied, nervous as to whether I would find work when I returned to NYC, but when opportunities began popping up, I felt a very “been there, done that”, and more, attitude, considering in the past I’ve run three different tutoring offices

  1. Princeton Review – my first tutoring company management role – significantly increased partnerships with outside organizations, increasing student enrollment
  2. Sylvan Learning Center – tripled student enrollment within a year and increased student scores
  3. Bright Kids – led a burgeoning tutoring company, in year 1, in which I began as the only other full-time employee, alongside there owner, to two Manhattan offices with development for a Chicago office, recruited and trained a large mass of our 80 tutors, and led the student enrollment upwards of about 400-500
Overqualified Employee

Overqualified Employee

This is overqualification is quickly evident during my interviews, and I’m bored just sitting there listening to the role, which would have me placed in some dank, dark office space.

Both employers ask, “Why don’t you start your own tutoring company?”

“I’m not motivated by money,” I reply.

Staffing Agency

Was uninspiring. They clearly do low-end staffing – low grade nannies and house staff. The owner says he’ll keep me in mind if anything comes up, but I don’t expect to hear from him again.

Life Coach to a 16 Year Old Boy

For household staff jobs, one can expect to interview with up to 4 contacts:

  • Staffing Agency
  • Family Personal Assistants
  • Wife
  • Husband

I make it through three interviews for this role. It is such an interesting role, sharing the life of a boy in his final years before college, and for a very major family, but my educational philosophy is at odds with that of this family, so I reject the final fourth and fifth round interviews.  I won’t say more because as intriguing as this family is, I  respect the privacy of my clients and prospective clients.

Tutoring Company Consultant

This role I like as it entails helping a small company build out a new admissions consulting division. I have a great conversation with the owner, and we leave off discussing meeting again the following week. I later send him a thank you and never hear from him again. I think this is either because he’s too busy with dealing with finals and SAT and Regents, or because he was intimidated that I was already working so successfully in this field- that I may not have the time to devote to this.


My #1 Job Choice

I headed in clear headed with a fresh face to my final interview for this role last night… I think it went well! I’ll save notes on this for a possible victory post. For now it’s a matter of wait and see, but I sure am glad to be done with this interviewing period of my life!