One of the Perks of Being a Petsitter & 150 Charles Street


Nights don’t get better than this. My husband got out of work on time, and we headed out with Cora on a long walk past the mass Zumba exercise group gyrating in sync to the Hudson River and down toward Stuyvesant High School and then east toward Washington Square Park. Going on long walks with a great dog are some of the largest perks of being a petsitter.

Cora enjoying the walk by the water

Cora loved running around and sniffing the grassy areas along the water, until oops! we saw a sign that said that dogs were prohibited on the grass. I’d like to think she loved watching the sun set.

Sandy ran her back and forth the path a bit. Full on sprints are one of the things dogs are often denied in the city, so we try to engage our dogs in some running while we’re with them. If the dog can jog without needing to sniff every patch of ground, I try to incorporate them into my runs. I used to do that all the time with Denali the Golden Doodle or Pepper Potts the Burmese Mountain Dog or Lucy.

Sunsets along Hudson River Park - dog friendly

Sunsets along Hudson River Park – dog friendly

We were surprised, in heading towards Washington Square Park, to see the immaculate, floor to ceiling windows and glossy, new townhouses of 150 Charles Street topped with multiple multi-million condos, owned by the likes of Ben Stiller, Jon Bon Jovi, swimsuit model Irina Shayk, etc. Penthouses can be found for nearly $30 million. Amenities include “a private green space, a 75-foot lap pool, a fitness center, a lounge, and a children’s playroom” in this 91-unit building.

150 Charles Street is shiny and immense.

150 Charles Street is shiny and immense.

It is amazing as we make our way through the West Village the amount of people eating expensive meals – the amount of people with extreme wealther in NYC. My husband and I do pretty well, but these people have a wealth that sections them into places like this, eating separate from much of the rest of the world. I recently turned down a nearly 6 figure role to be one of two life coaches to a 16 year old boy who lives in a household in the UES with 20 full-time staff, so I’ve been lately exposed to absurd levels of wealth, and so the disparity has been on my mind.

Washington Square Park was uncomfortably alive with hordes of NYU grads taking pictures in front of the large arc and fountain with their families. It makes sense on this fair weather night, wanting to keep that graduation memory alive with photos. At least it wasn’t like this…

No more NYU graduations inside Washington Square Park

We all arrived home exhausted – me with 27,000 steps according to my Fitbit HR and 12.5 miles and Sandy with about as half as many, which is pretty good for a long day of coloring reality TV.

Exhuasted from her long walk along the river

Exhuasted from her long walk along the river

Usually energetic Cora  went to her bed after a couple of curious paces around the apartment, legs wobbly from great use, and fell asleep. Sandy and I crashed on the massive couch watching another 20 minutes of the 1949 Secret Garden.

Lots of gems in this film, including the following…

Our lives may be simple and made up of those of others. We likely will never own a place that we live, but so closes another peaceful and interesting night in the chapter of these nomads.