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Rooftop Films Brooklyn

Went to Rooftop Films for the first time last Friday. We have been meaning to go for years now, but never made it because:

  • A) It moves within Brooklyn, and our summers are booked with Manhattan petsits and a month of travel
  • B) An 8p opening, 8:45p Live Music, and finally a film start time of 9:30p, mean we are going to be stuck in Brooklyn till 11p. Then we have a bike ride home, which is doable, but we’re groggy, and we’re paying for staying up late the next day when our circadian rhythms  kick in and we wake up at 6:30a, having had only 5-6 hours of sleep
  • C) $15 seems a bit steep for screenings on a roof – of non big budget films

However, a couple that we’ve been becoming closer with, funny enough composed of an off and on again love interest of mine and his now girlfriend of two years, who I find to be an exceedingly good fit for him – who is designing and creating her own chain mail vest that she will make of a hundred thousand metal loops and is fighting cancer daily (not herself, research) – and who I constantly tell my own husband “he better not blow it with her” asked us along.

So many rings

So many rings


We arrived early, having given ourselves plenty of time to bike – it was a 45 minute bike ride – near the Park Slope Whole Foods, which means we could roam around and grab some seltzer and snacks, before heading across the street to the Rooftop Films HQ and screening.

The HQ of Rooftop Films is in the historical American Can Factory, “a historic six-building industrial complex in Gowanus, that is a curated haven to more than 200 people working in a wide range of disciplines in the arts, culture, and the creative industries.” It was a little challenging to navigate, but has a massive roof a nice inner courtyard which allowed them to accommodate many people on this opening night.

American Can Factory

American Can Factory


We were about the twentieth people in the line gathered outside, and when let in at 8p, we easily secured 4 seats in the front row for ourselves and our friends.


We enjoyed live music from a Moroccan band – wish I had the name, but I can’t find it in the archives of the Rooftop Films site. It was neat to listen to, as I’ve never seen Moroccan music before.  They had beautiful sheeny costumes and danced to what they called “trance music.”


The short films started – all of them were pretty impressive.

Stunning circus chaos shot in reverse

ABSOLUTELY FRIGHTENING Tickle Monster! Promise you – be ready to be scared

Flowers – which Sandy and I had already watched on HBO – an uncomfortable, soft piece about a girl solicited by her teacher

Oddball and disturbing Hillbelly about a fox’s revenge after being swallowed by a hillybilly

Among many others, including

Rooftop Films @ American Can Factory

Rooftop Films @ American Can Factory

Rooftop Films is primarily sponsored by Sundance Channel. I love seeing this channel. A former boyfriend of mine worked there, and the creator is famed actor Robert Redford, who I hear about all the time, as he is the father to the best friend of one of my clients. I’ve met this friend, Jamie Redford, a few times before, and the first time he asked whether I was a friend of my tutoring student’s from either her dance class or her school (I was 30 at the time!).

Reusing an oldie, but a goodie

The Next Day

Ever since returning from my West Coast sojourn, I’ve adopted a Yolo attitude. I’m exhausted the next day after 6.5 hours of sleep and mediocre sleep the last couple nights, and I lack the motivation to run, but I’m so glad I went. I’m so glad that I love all the clients I am meeting with the next day – a Saturday! – that I don’t mind using precious weekend time to do so. Fortunately, my husband keeps busy with home improvement projects at our Bnb in Jersey City while I make my rounds, so we both end up with happily productive days.

And I’m so glad the short films introduced me to @winonaregan and her delightful @superrjail like gifs

It took us multiple nights to catch up on sleep, especially as we were staying in a brightly lit 18th floor high-rise building with a beagle that loves to cuddle – a cozy, but un-ideal sleeping situation.
We may be 31 and 32 years old, but we can still stay out late!