5 Things I Miss About Living in Europe


By Nikki Ott, Guest Blogger, one of our Workaway Guests

As I’ve said in a previous post, I lived in France for about a year, having left last August. Now that I’ve been back for a few weeks, I’ve begun to realize just a few of the things I miss about the European lifestyle.

Cafe Days

There were many, many days in many, many different countries where I lived like a true European : taking advantage of the incredible cafes. The lovely thing about cafes in Europe is that you can buy an espresso and a croissant and sit for a few hours while watching other (unsuspecting) tourists walk by.

The Views

Like this one here in Annecy, France. Sure, if someone knows of Annecy they know how fairytale-esque it is. But the city isn’t a touristy town, which gives you views like this as you enjoy genuine time with friends speaking French.

Cheap Wine

Here we have a photo from one of my favorite days spent in France. The story? We chose to take a wine tour in Bordeaux for only 9 euros. For that price you might not expect much, but we received a tour of a fully functioning winery in the process of making its fall wines along with two glasses of their finest wines, made on site. This isn’t just the case for tours, though. An average bottle of wine at a French grocery store wouldn’t put you back more than 5 euro. You could imagine how shocked I was stepping foot in a store for the first time back in the US.

All the Unusual Markets

Flea markets in Europe are the real deal. Stuffed ferrets, bottles of wine over 200 years old, and entire portfolios of art students who studied in the area are to be expected of nearly any Sunday “marché aux pouces.” It takes nearly all day to explore just one, and oftentimes there are five or six areas to wander through.

Nearly Everyone I Care About in One Place

This one is pretty self explanatory: I fell in love with so many beautiful souls during my time abroad. I’m pretty lucky to be able to say I was able to explore Europe with all of my best friends.