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My First Visit to Coney Island!


written by Guest Blogger, one of our work exchange guests, Nikki Ott

Last weekend I had my first real taste of what a summer in New York has to offer. It was the first brutally hot weekend of the year, with temperatures simmering around 90°. New Yorkers swarmed out of their hideaways, diving headfirst into the heat. I managed to find myself in two of the most sought after locations to beat the heat this weekend : Central Park and Coney Island.

On the morning of the 10th, I made my way from Jersey City to Manhattan’s Upper West Side. I met one of my best friends in Central Park to listen to live jazz and picnic our hearts out. The park was filled with herds of people, and all the lawns were covered in a patchwork of picnic blankets.

Central Park Great Lawn

On Sunday we ventured to Coney Island, a favorite beach spot. Having lived most of my life in rural Wisconsin, I’d never been before, and I felt as excited as any of the hundreds of 5 year-olds we saw that day. The first stop was obviously for a quick lunch at Nathan’s hotdogs.

Nathan’s Famous Coney Island

We made our way down the boardwalk, a stereotypical summer view with its throngs of people out on a hot summer day on the beach.

Coney Island Boardwalk

After having wandered the beach on the quest for a perfect spot, we decided on a quaint patch of sand near the water and under an array of kites. We sunbathed and chatted for hours, until eventually the sun receded and we were left with one last glorious New York summer scene.

Sunset in Coney Island

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