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How to Composte in the City


Guest Blog by Nikki Ott, one of our work exchange guests
This week we got our composter back up and running at the Jersey City Bnb.
Feed me composte Seymour

Feed me Seymour

For those of you unfamiliar with composting, it’s an incredibly easy way to turn waste into useful fertilizer to use in organic gardening. The original way to compost was to reserve a specific place in a backyard to discard of food scraps, sometimes as simple as an undefined pile and sometimes a barrel or boxed area. Composting in the past took months to years for the food to break down to create organic fertilizer, and would often attract wildlife that would take their fair share of the leftovers.

Simply toss your scraps in

Nowadays, technical innovation has made composting much easier. Companies like Nature Mill have created variants of the traditional method of composting, creating machines that cut the time of decomposition tenfold.
With our composter, food scraps take only 2 weeks to break down into fine fertilized soil. This modern technique is quite simple, you add food scraps to the top chamber of the machine, and with its two metal arms the machine churns to break down the scraps. Once the pieces are small enough, they fall through to the bottom chamber where they decompose further. It generally takes around 2 weeks to have the bottom compartment filled.


This quick composter is a smart choice for the urban lifestyle we have here in Jersey City. With less space, the Nature Mill’s compact design fits easily into any backyard area, unlike a traditional compost pit whose dimensions would be four or more times greater than that of the Nature Mill. With the small garden we tend here, the small biweekly portions of compost are perfect for maintaining our lovely green space in the middle of this concrete jungle.”
If you live in the city, consider dropping your composte at one of the many drop off sites scattered around.

I bring my scraps to Union Square or to the Chelsea dropoff at least three days a week.

It takes some devotion, but on my heavy  produce diet, I make it a part of my morning jog and ensure I get the scraps exactly where they need to go to turn them into into rich soil that will line the gardens of NYC, giving fresh vitality to the Earth.