Our Electrician is a Babe


I’m not saying that you should hire someone to complete expensive and dangerous work on your house because of their babe factor, but after my husband sent me a picture of Angel working on the cabling to be able to install AC into our Bnb… 

Smokin electrician

Smokin’ (The Mask)

Phew! I need a fan to cool me down. Caliente!

totomo atsui


I know this sounds weird, but part of the appeal is that he strikes me as very similar in mannerism to ultra babe Geoff Held, an All Hands contractor that Sandy and I met while volunteering in Detroit with the organization, tearing up and redoing basements of flood victims.

geoff held contractor

Geoff Held

Geoff is the guy that every girl had a crush on, even old, married biddies like me. He’s an absolute Teddy Bear – quiet, thoughtful, generous, and thickly bedded with muscle all over his body. He’s not a catch because of his looks, but it certainly doesn’t hurt that he is drop dead gorgeous and hard not to set one’s sights on.

hottest geoff held

Geoff Held working away.

There’s something about contractor types – getting all sweaty… using their hands…

Angel Villada

Angel the Model Electrician

My husband is a total hottie as well…

But it never hurts to have people around you that are not only competent, kind, and thoughtful… and easy on the eyes!

Check out more of Angel’s photos in his modeling portfolio. And consider hiring him if you’re in Jersey City or the surrounding area – just leave a comment and I’ll be glad to send you his contact information. He does a great job, is conscientious enough to lay down plastic before completing any work that can make a home dirty, and extremely pleasant and efficient.