The Philadelphia Soft Pretzel Showdown


It all started two years ago, when I had begin bragging to my husband, a Maryland transplant come New Yorker, about the higher quality of Philadelphia soft pretzels, in comparison to those of NYC, or anywhere else in the world – especially that of Wawa Soft Pretzels.

Wawa Soft Pretzels. MMMMMmmmm

After trying one himself, from Wawa, her conceded to my judgement, and so began his addiction to these Philadelphian delicacies. Now we cannot pass through PA without him stopping for three or more with which to gorge himself throughout a day, or sitting.

The Taste Test

Wanting to prepare a surprise for my husband after he has agreed to spend that morning baking and icing a strawberry shortcake for my grandpa’s 91st birthday, and with three fresh soft pretzel sources within a 1/2 mile of these house we were staying in, I set out to pick one of each for him to taste test:

Sandy’s Review

  1. Wawa – They may look a bit off-putting with their soggy, freshly look of being licked by the Wawa staffer that bagged them, but Sandy is convinced that these are the best and is adamant enough in this stance that he managed to get a reluctant Alexis to give it a bit. “I see what you’re about,” she replied, studying the pretzel in her hand.
  2. Philadelphia Soft Pretzel – A little too dry, just crack it open and witness the difference between the three soft pretzels
  3. 711 – Disqualified bc it contains milk, egg, and butter, making it non-vegan.

Jen’s Review

  1. Philadelphia Soft Pretzel Factory – Oh wow. I didn’t expect to like this so much, as I have nary a will to try these after years of purchasing these in the Market Street train terminal, while waiting for my train. They were bought out of desperation – hoping for an affordable treat on my college budget – which was always met with desperation. They were hard and bland, more akin to a hard Snyder’s snack pretzel, than my beloved idea of what a soft pretzel should be like. However, they have really stepped up their game in the last decade, and these were delicious! I would totally but a 5-pack for $3 on the regular, in lieu of my heavy NY bagel consumption, if I lived in PA.
  2. Wawa – my long term favorite, but they just didn’t seem as fresh as Philadelphia Soft Pretzel Factory
  3. 711 – which I are without it being vegan, as I am a bad began and am willing to put myself through this consumption for the greater good humanity, in now knowing that it is in fact awful & shouldn’t be bought for humane and taste test reasons

The Greatest


I now want to dumpster dive a Philadelphia Soft Pretzel Factory one day.

I’d love to be surrounded by thousands of pretzels (ignoring the environmental atrocity of this all), paddling about all their golden, salty glory like Scrooge Mcduck driving into a pool of gold doubloons.

Scrooge McDuck diving into a pool of gold

Scrooge McDuck diving into a pool of gold

I also now want to host a party in Pennsylvania, featuring one of these Philadelphia Soft Pretzel Factory party dippers.

My Dream… Philadelphia Soft Pretzel Factory

What better reason to finally host a wedding celebration? Maybe one day my relatives and in-laws will get what they’ve long been awaiting.