Thousands of miles apart again


I haven’t had much time to post on here, and I’m unsure lately as to what I want to post on here, or whether to post on here.

However, this blog is centered around nomad living, even if our nomad lives are centralized in nyc. Therefore, although this is a late entry, I figured I would finally get around to putting up this post, 2 weeks after I wrote it.

June 16, 2017

My handsome man was riding the trains of Dallas, Texas, while I wrapped up my work for the day and then gussyed up to head to Coney Island in Nyc.

Having to say hello through pictures, while my baby is away traveling

The next day he flew to Ecuador. I remained where I was the day before, at my NYC petsit with the dashing Lambeau

At least I have my new best friend, Lambeau, to keep me company.

We may be far apart, yet one of the greatest gifts you can give your partner is freedom

Freedom to Travel

When we met each other we quickly learned the other was adventurous. We both loved our NYC lives, but were also just as happy to tie up our loose ends to wander into the wild blue yonder. 

Wild blue yonder

Sandy had just finished a 3 year commitment that was attached to an offer to own a portion of the company for completing the term. He was itching to travel more and had been told by the primary owner of the company that something would be worked out to give him 3 months to travel each year, should he stay. That seemed fairly generous, but for someone as unconventional as Sandy who was lured by typical gifts, it seemed a desperate attempt to try and tether someone that was certain to leave.

It made me hesitant to date him. 

I had just gotten over a guy that had left his seemingly fabulous life as a VC to scatter into the wind, leaving behind everything – career, fantastically located and priced apartment, all dating prospects – to hike the Appalachian Trail for about a year. While I had finally come to appreciate the beauty of such an adventure, after for so long not understanding why the last guy was leaving all his security, I was nowhere near a position to leave in NYC. I had made a commitment to my employer to stick with her and her daughter until they no longer needed me, and number may be 2.. or 6 more years.

However, He Stayed

And it’s been 2.5 years that we’ve been together, living in NYC, but also enjoying our travels around the world. Detroit, Nova Scotia, Mexico, Japan, and soon Ecuador.

Drinking our way through Japan’s many soy milks.

And oddly enough it was I who developed travel lust first. When I found out that my former employer ended up needing me just two more years, I decided to pursue some non-profit work on the West Coast

Convincing people to eat less meat and dairy through 10 Billion Lives

… For 3 Months!

And even though it sucked for Sandy to not have me around, to not be able to travel, he supported me. 

This support, whether it is my being away for nearly three months on the West Coast, or his being away for 9 days to Ecuador, is part of what makes our relationship strong. We both are want the best for one another, whatever the sacrifice may be.

I’m bummed that he is not here, but I’m glad that we can support and celebrate each day of our trips apart with tools like FaceTime and wifi supported phone calls. Technology has made it much easier to feel in touch with someone that is thousands of miles away.