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$5 Unlimited Board Games in NYC!


The perfect cheap date… or Thursday night for us nerds, The Uncommons offers

Unlimited Gaming for:

$5 M-Th

$10 F-Su

What?!? How?!? I don’t care because it is so cool this exists. (although I’ll try to answer this at the end of the post).

The Uncommons holds hundreds of games! It is so cool to see a whole wall, floor to ceiling, lined with games that overflow onto the shelving above the windows.

Courtesy of blog.blockchain.com

It’s a great way to introduce yourself to new games. I tend to flock toward those with the zaniest illustrations, usually not a great strategy to find a great game, so I pulled off the wall:

Courtesy of educationaltoysonline.com



Courtesy of maineclothdiaper.com

…which my friend, Phil, staunchly refused to play. And that was fine because as cool as the board and pieces were, Unicorn Glitterluck is a simple child’s game involving rolling a dice and moving forward on the board.

All set to play, but nooo.. Phil is too grown up for Unicorn Glitterluck.

Instead we played a Robin Hood inspired version of the cardgame “Bullshit,” the Sheriff of Nottingham, in which you gain points by smuggling food cards and trying to bluff your way to riches. Victorious, I smuggled so many live chickens and pepper, crushing my opponents!

And ended the night with a classic, Scrabble, in which I then was clobbered by everyone else 🙂

I would have loved to stay longer, trying new games, but we had an emergency to deal with at our Bnb with two dilettante Workaway guests, but Search their Game Collection and you’ll see they have everything! 🙀🙀🙀

Where can you find The Uncommons?

Downtown, West Village

230 Thompson Street

Hours: Mon-Th from 8:30AM to 12AM; Fri-Sat from 8:30AM to 1AM; Sun from 8:30AM-11PM

Courtesy of uncommonsnyc.com

So uh, how does The Uncommons afford their rent?

Yes. They have a whopping two rooms! In the West Village.

I suppose kind of like a movie theatre – through food sales! After only an hour of gaming, despite having just eaten a big dinner, I was hungry again. Luckily I had packed a bagel in my bag because they don’t offer ANY vegan hot food options. However, my friends ordered a $5 tray of Pigs in a Blanket and a bottle of Root Beer. I don’t know what kind of large toaster oven they have behind the counter, but Eleanor’s Pigs were crispy and smelled great.

Courtesy of uncommonsnyc.com

They sell board games. You can rent a room or reserve space for a higher rate, and they offer a selection of Beer, which I imagine drives a lot of $cha-ching$, although a scrawled note on the Beer fridge stipulated:

No beer while playing Magic 😂

Menu & My last story for the night.

The Uncommons also sells fancy espresso drinks. Expect toaster oven food – mozzarepas, bagels, and chicken steps. I wonder whether their personal pizza is a $1 Celeste 🍕. It probably tastes better than my microwaved version of this, and hey, “REAL CHEESE.” Love that they advertise this. WTF.

Courtesy of walmart.com

Finally, I enjoyed the tip of the hat to Latin America with their feature of a “cortadito” – a Cuban term for a shot of espresso topped with steamed milk – something I was first introduced to when I was training to manage a Starbucks in Miami.

“Cortadito!” a man had shouted at me one day across the counter, as I stared at him perplexed.

“Cortadito!” he shouted again, and then he mimic’ed holding a teacup and holding it up in front of him, pinky finger extended and downing the teacup like a shot.

Naturally I had no idea what he meant by the gesture, and none of the staff during that shift spoke Spanish. Fortunately, a lady behind him in line pushed forward and exasperatedly explained it to us how to make it.

Well, there you go reader, you now know a little more Cuban Spanish and how to order a yummier version of an espresso shot when you visit The Uncommons.


Courtesy of Confectionalism