A New Direction


As much as I live the sort of oddbird, thrifty NYC lifestyle that draws readers to my blog, I’ve so little featured it on NY Nomads.

And so in taking a break to pursue some contracted work, while also growing more attuned to a new full-time job, I’ve been thinking as to how to make this a blog that is as helpful as it is a personal diary. So you’ll soon be reading more articles about what it is like living like a year-round petsitter, how we make living in Sandy’s office work in between petsits, and how we come to enjoy life in NYC and abroad on a shoestring budget. It will be a more honest eep dive into the pros and cons of assuming such a lifestyle, because living this way is not always an easy commitment.

You’ll find pieces on:

  • How to eat for free in NYC
  • The best sites to find free or low-cost, fun activities 
  • How to live rent-free 
  • Fun gigs that allow you to travel on a budget.
  • And more

Suggest ideas if you have ideas you’d like me to explore.