Do You Ever Feel Like You Have Something Great to Write? And then #wordpressfail ?


While grateful that WordPress exists, it would be so nice if the app didn’t have so many glitches.

It loves defaulting to sites that I don’t use anymore and haven’t touched in years, so that I’ve written drafts and then discovered I couldn’t post them on the correct site.

Often it doesn’t want to allow me to post photos, or sometimes it does, but only the ones I’ve already posted, that reside in my media library.

The signin process can be wonky.

Plugins are dreadfully confusing, and what is a jetpack?!

Lately it loves to overnight log me in as my husband for absolutely no reason, so when I respond to blogs telling a girl how feminine I think her “boyfriend’s jacket” (style, not actually) is, a bearded man photo icon appears next to the comment – not something neither not my husband want out there.
WordPress can you please die and automatically reincarnate on the spot, like in the video game Diablo, but as a better version of yourself? Then I would get the satisfaction of your death, as well as the super-powered Phoenix Version 2.0 of you that I no longer lament and need to write whiney blogs about.