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I Have Not Showered in a Week!



It’s awesome not paying rent. We probably save $3000/month, when you consider Manhattan rent for a 1 bedroom.

We save an additional $200/month not having to pay utilities.

However, in between petsits, I live with Sandy in his office, and we are without a full bathroom and a full kitchen. We’ve come to make our office home a lot more comfortable investing in a thin mattress and hidden storage that falls behind perennially closed window curtains. However, sometimes I want to take a bath. I want to scrub my body all over and rinse. I want my hair to smell freshly cleaned. But I can’t.

What Body Parts Get the Dirtiest?

My Nail Beds

It’s Day 7, and I’m itching (don’t worry. Not literally) to get in a shower.

Dirt starts to build under my fingernails.

My dirty nail beds

If there’s one thing that I have learned from my experience going without it’s that somehow only a shower can remove this fringe of 💀 skin and dust that lurks under my nail beds. Gross!

My Ankles

Why are my ankles dirty?

When I run, sometimes my shoe rubs against my ankle, and I think that is how dirt collects there. This shows a week without scrubbing my ankles, but lately I’ve been trying to be more careful to keep these parts in check.

My Hair

I’ve gone a couple weeks without washing my hair in the past because my hair is naturally pretty dry, and frying it with bleach has removed the last vestiges of moisture. There are numerous narratives about seemingly normal people going a week, a month, or 2 years without washing their hair, and I agree that washing my hair every day is not only environmentally harmful, a waste of time, but that it also causes my damaged hair to look like that of the Bride of Frankenstein.

My hair is so dry and brittle after washing it.

However, I cannot go a month without washing my hair. I cannot even go a week, without it starting to smell. While it ought not to be washed every day, washing my hair allows me to clean my scalp, and it adds some needed moisture to my hair, which I then lock in with hair oils.


It’s not awesome feeling dirty. I work in a client facing world most days, and so I don’t have the option to look like an Earthy hippie. I have to be ready to enter professional, Manhattan offices and very nice homes. I can look sporty, but not dirty.

My hair only looks this good after I have visited a salon for a cut or color.

I’m unsure whether I’ll care so much about my appearance when I leave NYC. However, for now, I will have to balance my inclinations towards efficiency, naturalness, and thrift with the necessity of being Manhattan coiffed, and truthfully, I like being able to take a hot shower a couple times a week.