When You Make a Really Big Mistake at Work


Small mistakes are one thing, like the following I’ve managed to do in the last month…

Forgetting to purchase candles for a birthday cake (in NYC, it’s easy enough to run out and purchase a set)

forgot the birthday candles

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Or also forgetting to purchase juice boxes and water bottles for said party (another easy fix)

A bigger issue comes about when you’ve thought you’ve purchased flight tickets for one of your employers – gone through the airline’s site, entered all the passenger info, chosen a seat, and hit the submit payment info – and then your boss gets to the airport and no reservation exists!

A) I am horrified.

B) I am embarrassed.

C) I better apologize and learn from this because even if I cannot put my finger on what went wrong, something I did did not go as smoothly as it could have, and I need to ensure my employer is not put in the position again of having to be terrified and frustrated at the airport (at least that’s how I would feel).

Courtesy of Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

As much nice as it would be to never think of this again, I don’t ever want to erase my mistakes. Embracing your mistakes builds character.

collection of mistakes

Not everyone has employers that are as thoughtful as mine, but at the least I hope that you can come to term with the mistakes you make in a healthy way, knowing that if you acknowledge them they will only make you a more circumspect and successful person going forward.