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Discoveries I Made This Weekend



Image courtesy of i.ytimg.com

I think I’m done tutoring! Forever

(or the unforeseeable future). At 32, and financially secure, it feels a much better use of my time to spend my two days when I’m off per week, actually being off! It’s been a full decade+ now of working or going to school full-time AND doing work on the side – other than a brief stint of a few years in my early twenties when I first got to NYC and actually took the weekends off to explore the city, make new friends, and all the other things a young new to NYer will do in embracing her new home (including living in hip AF Williamsburg before it got built up with highrises and Smorgasburg).

So it was enchanting to spend my first weekend in the city in a lonngg time that didn’t involves hours of tutoring, commuting to tutoring, video chatting with students over Gchat about their college admissions. Actively choosing not to participate in the added work made me feel in more control of my life. It feels a little selfish to say goodbye to my students, but there are many eager, burgeoning young newcomers to the field, ready to make a solid dollar improving a child’s education.

Catsitting is Divine!


Especially when said petsit is on the 5th floor of a walkup. Can you imagine having to walk up and down the steps, to the 5th floor, about 6+ time a day, including early in the morning, at the crack of dawn, and late in the evening, when you’re sleepwalking like a zombie?

Sure we’ve done it before. Kentucky lives up quite a number of winding, tight little steps in a walkup apartment, that despite being one of the loveliest places I have ever stayed, has about set of stairs inside it!

Kentucky fried doggie

More stairs! AH! (although the most elegant stairs)

Edith’s steps are no piece of 🍰 either.

Edith, the flying bulldog

I’m less interested in walking up and down, all around, hours of the day, on dog petsits, unless they are with dogs and for clients that we really like – which is kind of what we do right now.

Living in a House Lined with Records and Books is Also Divine

My current client gives me many life goals as to how to be. Cool as a cucumber, he balances a good deal of cynicism with satisfaction. He acknowledges and educates himself about those things he finds questionable in our world, but he also does so with an inner peace that comes with soundly making decisions that match his ethics, lining his world with inner satisfactions.

Beyond his personality, as naturally he is not here during the petsit, and I spend much of my time in his apartment without him here to keep me in his good company, he leaves a lots to be envisioned in my own future by availing me with his sizable DVD, book, and record collection. I’ve never been one to afford financially, or intellectually (I don’t have the standing music knowledge to know what to purchase), and now spatially (there’s no room for records when you don’t maintain a home), records. However, to slip a disc on the record player each night, its melodious drone with a scratch, scratch, play, is nothing short of slipping into a pure state of relaxation, as we cook dinner, pet and feed Mimosa, and chat about the day.


I am so underindulged that I’ve had to live through my twenties before alighting upon all these realizations. I sound silly and uncouth, but it’s such a lovely thing to discover these things.