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Our Dream Home in Detroit


It’s been a while since I have had a goal.

However, our recent trip to Detroit left something stirring inside of me.

My dream home in Detroit

A large double dome house to be exact!

I’m kind of in love, and fortunately, so is my husband.

Just admire how spacious it is! Why we could loft a second floor and build 4 bedrooms, each with its own triangle window to flood the room with natural light!

A spiral staircase in the center could wind its way up to grant guests access, or…

As you can see on the exterior there is a walkway that leads to the second floor of either dome. A staircase could be built on the outside leading the guests up to their rooms, while below the ground space could be used as a community space, complete with a vegan bakery served by my husband and an art gallery featuring local artists.

I’m not afraid to share my plans because if we are unable to purchase this $220,000 property (we are already involved in another potential real estate investment in Jersey City that would allow us to double our Bnb there to 8 rooms, and we already made a verbal commitment to the owner), it would be lovely if someone else did something amazing with it!

It’s got my mind swirling and dreaming like Woah! on Pinterest:

So many dome houses, so little little to live in them all

Even if it does not end up being a dream realized, it feels good to be imagining and thinking creatively again.