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Kickstarter equality education

It has not been easy.
It’s taken a long time.
But Sandy Patch and I have just launched our latest

Kickstarter for Equality.Education!

The beginning of a new site full of free, crowdsourced and shared educational materials meant to increase access to quality educational materials to all families!

Equality.Education will be a hub where free educational materials – workbooks, worksheets, puzzles, games, and other learning resources – will be collected and shared!

To start this off, we are offering up our Gifted and Talented NNAT Level A Workbook on a Donate What You Can basis!


Gifted and Talented NNAT Level A Workbook

What’s in the workbook?

Beautiful illustrations by Randy BeckerAnd a fun storyline involving Jamba the LionWhere he meets new friends and helps your child solve problems!

NNAT Level A workbook

Jamba will help you solve NNAT problems!


Because everyone, and we mean everyone, should be able to afford access to quality worksheets, workbooks, and other learning resources!

Learn more about this campaign and this workbook by checking out our Kickstarter!

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Thanks for supporting our labor of love.

Jen and Sandy