Take a Risk – Rent a Busted Car on Turo in Detroit – with No AC and No Gas Gauge


This weekend we are heading to Detroit with our $150 Round-trip tickets from NYC on infamously shabby, but cheap Spirit Airlines.

Spirit Airlines NYC to Detroit one way

Spirit Airlines NYC to Detroit RT – $300 for 2 people!

To keep with the “spirit” – pun intended – of keeping the rest of the trip cheap, I had been anticipating using public transportation to get around Detroit.

However, we have a lot of travel ahead of us and little time.

We get there Saturday night and then take an early Tuesday morning flight home. There are a few exciting Meetup events right outside Detroit, including a hike and a polyamory board game afternoon, but it could involve an hour drive outside of town.

So I decided that we might as well see if a car may be comparable in cost to the amount we’d spend on Ubers and public transportation. Hertz etc. was expensive, but on Turo


A $20/day 2005 Century Buick!

What a beauty

And look! A dog in the backseat!

Ha. I love when people throw a dog into a photo or video to make it better. It works on me.

Now this price comes with a few caveats…

Airport dropoff

But I look forward to getting to know Jay, our Detroit resident/renter. And somehow he’s miraculously ok with us dropping by his house 4a on Tuesday to then have him drop us at the airport to catch our 6a flight.


It’s forecasted for the 70s in Detroit, so we’ll travel with our windows rolled down.

No Gas Gauge

We can do math and keep an eye on the odometer!

Let’s See!

It’s hard to know what will happen, but through Turo we were able to rent a couple sweet cars to get around Las Vegas, including a Smartcar to camp in Death Valley.

So bring on the adventure busted Century Buick in Detroit!