This Has Been a Weekend of Dogs by the High Line and a Walk to City Island


On our last night walking Pique we finally headed upstairs to check out the “Tranquility” rooftop of 500 West 23rd Street, AKA Ten23 Apartments.

It’s exciting to see buildings create communal rooftop spaces where residents can gather, host friends, and take in some peace and quiet above the noise of the busy streets.

Starting at $3785/month for a studio, most won’t be able to afford the rent, but for thrifty petsitters life ourselves, we are lucky to be able to enjoy the stay for a sum total of 0.

It’s exciting to see on Rover I’ve now racked up 78 5-star reviews!

I don’t know what it is, but the last set it reviews have been especially dear to me. I have so much love for owners that show so much love to their animals, and that’s exactly the type of dog/cat mommies and daddies that I’ve lately been meeting! 😻😻

And we’ve had such a great set of dogs lately:

PiqueGhostCoco and Luca Beau and Joey I feel a lot for these dogs and owners, and although I started in college petsitting to make some extra $$, it’s developed into more than a hobby. It’s a lifestyle intertwined with lives.

I see a lot of my dogs/cats and their owners outside of our petsitting relationship.

I’ve recently written a letter to Beau and Joey’s owner, whose memoir, Don’t Think Twice, I just listened to over audiobook. I admire her and am grateful she chose to share her story, no matter how vulnerable it makes her, putting everything out there, in terms of supernatural encounters, feelings of grief and abandonment. She deserves to be recognized, and I hope our bond is only stronger from our both being willing to connect on a human level that extends beyond our initial business contact.