What Would You Do If You Found Someone’s Wallet?


This morning on my morning run to pick up my MacBook charger and charging block from an office I helped out last week, I came upon this:

I almost thought it was trash, it was so small, and it looked a bit like a receipt. But boy am I glad I backtracked, after innocuously running by it, because it contains the school ID, MTA cards, and other personal items of a high school girl who was probably mad panicking when she made it to school and found she had no ID – and wallet – to check in at school.

Now it kind of derailed me from my morning run because my schoolbag was heavy from picking up my belongings and some expired sunblock that was set to be tossed (but would now serve me as I lather up for my morning run). This made it hard to run there. However, the more time I could reduce in her life of the panic one feels upon losing something important, the better. So it was an easy decision to head in the opposite direction to return the item to its owner.

We’ve All Been There

Who hasn’t lost their keys? Or wallet? Ring? Etc.

Empathize, even if you are tempted to take that MTA card or $ or whatever.

Recall how it’s felt to lose something important!

You feel stupid. Ashamed. Frustrated.

Make your life simple and always do the right thing.

You’ll feel good about it, and you know you’ll be making someone’s day!

When I told my husband about it he was glad to hear I found an adventure, a purpose to my morning run. So right! And it was a nice trip after all because I rarely venture into FIDI unless I’m catching a ferry to Governor’s or Staten Islands; yet today, I got to hear the bells of Trinity Church ring!